Issue 35 – November 2012

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Letter to the Editor
Issue 35
Educational Futures

5 – The Neohumanist Challenge to Educational Futures: Educating for Sadviprahood – Dr. Marcus Bussey

CNS and Conference News

9 –  Prama Institute News, Asheville, USA
10 – CNS Sweden: 2012 Management Training for Humanitarian Workers
11 – CNS Sweden: Global Yoga Educators Conference
12 – First National Conference of Yoga, Mina Clavero, Argentina
13 – Presenting Prout at the Economic Democracy Conference

NHE Studies

14 – Gems of Neohumanism – Eric Jacobsen
15 – Connecting to Our Divine Nature – Niiti Gannon
16 – Play: The Child’s Own Learning Strategy – Didi Ananda Devapriya

NHE Schools in Focus

18 – The Ecology of Joy: Teacher Training at the Sunshine School, Vientiane, Laos
20 – Education in the Making in Egypt
22 – Lotus Children’s Centre: A Symbol of Hope – Soko, Ghana
24 – Transforming the Culture of a High School the Neohumanist Way: Introducing NHE Curriculum at the Gurukula Vidya’piitha, Hazipur, India

Global News

26 – Delhi Sector – India
28 – Berlin Sector – Finland
29 – Manila Sector – Vietnam
30 – Hong Kong Sector – Mongolia and Taiwan
30 – Nairobi Sector – Kenya


31 – NEW AMGK Website !
31 – NHE / Gurukula Summit 2013
31 – New Book After Capitalism: Economic Democracy in Action

Back cover

Shrii P. R. Sarkar

All molecules, atoms, electrons, protons, positrons and neutrons are the veritable expressions of the same Supreme Consciousness. Those who remember this reality, who keep this realization ever alive in their hearts, are said to have attained perfection in life. They are the real devotees, the real bhaktas. When this devotional practice  does not remain confined to a mere practice, but instead is elevated to a devotional sentiment, a devotional mission, to the realm of devotional ideation – when the underlying spirit of humanism is extended to everything, animate and inanimate, in this universe – I have designated this as “Neohumanism”. This Neohumanism will elevate humanism to universalism, the practice of love for all created beings of this universe.