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The Lotus Children’s Home has moved to a new 10 hectares compound in Gatchord, which now houses also a primary school for the children.


By Rudramohan

So glad to share with you some of the news from NHE in Taiwan. There is no way to be comprehensive as so much is going on. RS Dada has started to coach the basketball team of the top university in the country in the area of mind and body harmony. There are many service programs for handicapped people under the direction of Brave Yoga Service Association. Art and singing workshops continue under the banner of the Neohumanist Association. Some of the new activities that I can highlight are here.

Teacher’s Camp

The best news is that there was a teacher’s camp with 25 teachers. This is going to be a semi-annual event and most likely it will expand as they go on.

New Center in Taiwan
In Taiwan we are getting more schools to use our materials and accept our educational vision. We are opening a center with Gurukul focused activities. The environment there is ready and we have a (small) group meditation there.

Center in China
In Chinese our center is called ‘Loving Awareness Education Center’. In China the books have been printed and are used in 12 schools. I have now printed story puppets (paper) to facilitate the story telling in the books. Many teachers are interested in these and attend the workshops to learn how to use them.

Malaysia Program
The workshops we offer in Taiwan on Storytelling and Kidsyoga are now also developing in Malaysia (On facebook: love is everything, everything is love).

New Materials for Quiet Time
I am now preparing some new tools for Quiet Time activities.


Jamuri High School
Nairobi, Kenya

By Dada Diiptimayananda

On 6th June 2012, at Jamuri High School, Nairobi, there was a music competition of Nairobi West District where 80 high schools participated. Our high school was awarded first position in 371 B Luhya Folk song and 372 B Kissi Folk song. The District Education Officer alerted other high schools to work harder otherwise you will be clapping for Ananda Marga and it will take the national prize. The Provincial quality assurance officer said that it is amazing that Ananda Marga High School participated for the first time in the competition and achieved the number one position. The way the children performed, it seemed as if that they have been participating for the last ten years. After becoming number one in the district our school is heading to the State level competition. We are working hard so that we can achieve a good position at the State level to qualify for the National level.