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Sunrise School

A parent’s experience of the Vegetarian Lunch on 16th March 2013

I always try to attend the Sunrise fundraising Vegetarian Lunch. A vegetarian lunch to fundraise for the school is a wonderful idea, it brings people together and sharing food brings warmth to the hearts.

First of all, the children really want to go, meet their friends and catch up with the ones who have left the school. Then I too want to spend time with the Sunrise parents, most of whom have become close friends over the years. Sunrise has created a wonderful social frame in my life and I enjoy all their events.

The food is always delicious and balanced, and I noticed most kids ate what was on offer, tasty and healthy Indian food, probably cooked by loving hands.

The children love rehearsing for the show in the afternoon and we were treated to some great music by the primary children, by two home educated children who attend the school part time and by some adults too. The belly-dancing show was awesome.

To end the afternoon a parent got everyone to dance together in a circle, the children love it and the parents had great fun.
Time went by very quickly and we soon had to leave, some of us after giving a hand at tidying the community centre.