Society needs transformation towards sustainability and greater harmony and progress. Education is a key source of hope and capacity as we strive towards these goals. This conference is an opportunity to explore the greater meaning of education in a global context that is rich in possibilities but currently driven by short-term political and economic agendas. Longer term futures need to be imagined, explored and acted on for diverse cultures to evolve at a pace that will ensure sustainable, whole, life affirming, safe and expansive futures for all. In this spirit we invite all educators from around the globe to come together to dialogue, listen, share and contribute towards forging new ways, fresh attitudes, greater awareness and practical modalities for improving educational practices.

This global summit is being hosted by CNS-Sweden and will be partnered with GAP (Global Action Plan) International. The hope is to bring together leading neohumanist and progressive educators from around the world as we delve deeper into the forces shaping the educational spaces of the future. Plenary sessions will address themes of interest to all. Parallel workshops will address topics of specific interest to NHE staff, GAPs Learning for Change program as well as various faculties of Ananda Marga Gurukula; providing ample space for all participants to share their presentations, interests and passions. Evening programs will provide personal sharing that reflects inspirational experiences of participants’ works, an entertaining cultural program, and a devotional night.

Our confirmed theme presenters include Eric Jacobson from Progressive School of Long Island, USA; Dr. Marcus Bussey of Queensland University, Australia; Ole Brekke of Commedia School, Denmark; Dr. Sid Jordan of Prama Institute, USA; Krisada Kampanatsanyakorn, Thailand , Marilyn Mehlmann of GAP International (Global Action Plan), Sweden; with a few others theme presenters still pending. In addition many others will share their expertise and ideas via a rich offering of workshops.

Themes that will be addressed in plenary sessions are as follows

July 14th – Education and Enlightened Leadership.

How can education contribute towards enlightened leadership via rejuvenation of values and neo-ethics.

15th July – Education for Joy and Holistic health.

How can education serve as a nurturing agency for the enhancement of joy and holistic health.

16th July – Education for Right Livelihood & Enhanced Quality of Life.

How can educational systems utilize science, technology and ecological awareness to improve the life for the common people on this planet; building sustainable habitats and neohumanist futures for one and all.

17th July – Realizing Visions of Alternative Educational Spaces.

What are our visions for building alternative educational-spaces where humanity can reunite in spirit & action and what role can progressive- educators, activists & social-entrepreneurs play in nurturing such initiatives?

This summit is not intended to be a mere talking summit. Rather, participants are invited to come together to deeply connect, share experiences, ideas, insights, and visions. The flexible format of the summit will allow for building collaborations for hastening the advent of a new society – a world where determination, dedication, imagination, creativity and devotion will replace the pessimism of the ‘lost’ days.

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