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Issue36_Page_29_Image_0003Bangkok, Thailand

NERI (Neohumanist Education Research Institute)

Neohumanist Education Research Institute (Thailand) is being organized to further the research and propagation of neohumanist principles in Thailand. Didi Ananda Devamala, Didi Ananda Anuraga, Didi Ananda Citralekha, Dada Ramakrishna, Ms. Jareeporn Naksamrit, Nuntaka Thaweepkul, Nun & Isarawong Kongmebhol, Rachmi , Prof. Kitiawan & Mrs. Ajana Kampanatsanyakorn, among others, have been some of the leading practitioners of neohumanist philosophy in education over the past decade in Thailand. Now, they join forces to bring the benefits of neohumanist philosophy to more schools in Thailand. Recently, Dada Shambhushivananda met with some of the members of the neohumanist network in Bangkok, Thailand to discuss the action – plans of NERI (Thailand).

Amatyakul School

Dr. Shambhushivananda spoke at Amatyakul School in Thailand, which has 1720 students enrolled and is successfully implementing many NHE values. The theme of his talk was Challenges of Future Education in which he spelled out three mega-trends impinging the world of education.

First, the ecological constraints of human society are real. These can no longer be put under the carpet. The old paradigm of education has tended to neglect the ecological realities of our times. Instead, the new-paradigm must make “ecological-consciousness ” the central response to the preparation for a peaceful and harmonious world. In this respect, both inner and outer ecology deserve special attention in the new-curricula. Without attitudinal changes, there cannot be a new world of lasting peace.

Second, we are faced with a new economic reality – where the old models of consumption-oriented culture are goading us towards economic collapse. Today, even many so-called developed economies have been on the verge of collapse. No country is today free from the impact of unsustainable policies being followed by so-called developed world. Hence, the sooner we adopt a new-paradigm of decentralized economics, the sooner we shall strengthen the resilience-stamina of a nation and sooner we shall become prepared to face the economic-tsunamis that are just around the corner.

Third, the technological revolutions led by internet and micro-gadgets are transforming our entire life styles. Our children can no longer remain oblivious of scientific temper and it is the duty of the education systems to cultivate the scientific temper in a way that it does not destroy positive values and continues to nurture the unfathomable power of the spirit. Dada stressed the need for building strong character, fostering universal values and cultivating the stamina to face all obstacles & conflicts that may come in the way of building a sustainable, peaceful and prosperous world of tomorrow.

Dada praised the Principal and teachers of Amatyakul School for continuing to implement the new-paradigm policies.

Spotlight: Neohumanist Teacher of Thailand

Dr. Jareeporn Naksamrit (Janaki) has joined as the director of the demonstration school near Mae Chaem, west of Chiang Mai and close to Doi Inthanon National Park. Bhodivijalaya is a rural campus of Srinakharinwirot University. The Center for Learning of the college will be located in Mae Sod district, Tak province, which is next to the Myanmar border. Dr. Naksamrit will be training teachers in the alternative paradigm of education based on principles of self-sufficiency. Dr. Naksamrit completed her PhD from the Department of Educational Policy Management and Leadership of Chulalngkorn University, Thailand. She has volunteered as the Principal of Baan Unrak School over the past few years. Dr. Naksamrit is also the volunteer Executive Director of NERI (Thailand) and translates neohumanist education materials into Thai language. She is assisted by Prof. Kitiawan and Ms. Nuntaka Thaweepkul of Lampang in the propagation of neohumanist education in Thailand.

Vientiane, Laos

Sunshine School

Issue36_Page_30_Image_0001Our annual participation in the Vientiane Women’s International Group (WIG) bazaar took place on February 2nd. The event attracted thousands of visitors from the Vientiane international and Lao communities. All the main embassies and NGOs were represented as well as international schools and local businesses.

For the WIG bazaar show our M3 boys group, ‘Size SSS’, performed a crowd-stopping dubstep dance in cool blue and black vested suits with sunglasses. Our second performing group were a special group composed of Sunshine School graduates – M4 girls from 2012 & 2011 classes- performing a 3-in-1 K-pop dance. It was great having them back in high form dancing for Sunshine and the Vientiane community.

Our stall was decorated with six big photo presentations of the school activities; out the front we had a wonderful spread of tasty vegetarian food and on the grass under the trees, our always popular face painting team.