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An update on the Lotus School, Accra, Ghana

GurukulaNetworkMay2014FINAL2_Page_37_Image_0001In September we had the privilege of hosting the head of Gurukula, Dada Shambhushivananda. While in Accra he visited our Children’s Home and Preschool and spoke at a public event. The event held at the Ministry of Information was a great success and hosted over 50 attendees. It was a wonderful experience to hear him share his expertise in Neohumanist Education and speak on the theme of Self Realization and Social Action.

We completed this school term with sixty students and five teachers, developing more psychological methods of teaching adhering to the principles of Neohumanist education. We commemorated Children’s Day with a variety of fine arts activities, competitions, sports and toys distribution. In the Winter holiday season time we called all the children of the community to a meal and to take part in fun activities. It was a time of service and sharing at Lotus Children Center.

Regular Teachers’ Meetings
In our weekly meetings each teacher has the opportunity to give a workshop in a chosen subject. During the last months we learned about origami, drama, physical exercises and games. This program improved the teacher’s knowledge, self confidence, ability to talk in public and unity among themselves.

GurukulaNetworkMay2014FINAL2_Page_37_Image_0003GurukulaNetworkMay2014FINAL2_Page_37_Image_0004Mass Feeding with Health Education in Schools
After organizing continuous ARS (All round Service) activities in poor areas of Ghana, including medical camps we came to realize the real cause of malnutrition in children apart from poverty, is bad food habits. AMURTEL then decided to implement Mass Feeding with a Class on Nutrition. The food is being prepared with plenty of local vegetables which we mention the qualities of in the class.

GurukulaNetworkMay2014FINAL2_Page_37_Image_0005New Roof
After 5 months of fund raising finally we are able to replace the old roof of our Ananda Marga Children’s Home. The old roof was a constant danger during the rains since it could break at any time. Our contributors were NAWA (North American Women’s Association); Emanuele Antola Foundation and IPMC director. It was the best quality available in the market and will last at least 70 years.

Teacher’s Training Center
We are fund raising to build a Neohumanist Training Center in Ghana. There is a strong need for trained teachers in Ghana. It is a chance to help shape and strengthen the education system in the country, particularly primary school. At the moment we need monetary help to do the registration of the land and build a fence to secure it.
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GurukulaNetworkMay2014FINAL2_Page_37_Image_0006GurukulaNetworkMay2014FINAL2_Page_37_Image_0007Lampang, Thailand
Rajabhat University

Dada Shambhushivananda gave a talk to the weekly three hour meditation class given by Nuntaka for the Education Faculty.