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Centru Tbexbix, Malta

GurukulaNetworkMay2014FINAL2_Page_33_Image_0002The Easter holiday period in Malta brought to an end the first phase of an art project at Centru Tbexbix. This was marked by an open day which included an exhibition of art and works created by the participants.

The project, entitled “Empowerment Through Art”, is providing free art classes for women and children by a professional art teacher, and was approved for funding by the Commissioner of Voluntary Organisations in Malta.

Beneficiaries of the project, parents as well as members of the public visited Centru Tbexbix throughout the day, with special guests being the Minister of Education himself, as well as the mayor of Bormla. Everyone showed a lot of appreciation for the education and social support programmes which Centru Tbexbix is offering to the community.

A video about the education that is offered at Centru Tbexbix was shown, and we briefly discussed the benefits of Neohumanist Education, focussing on the yoga, creativity and personal development aspects. Before he left, the Minister instructed us to have a meeting with him to present a proposal on how the Government can support the project.

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Nile River School, Egypt

The garden around the school is in full bloom year-round with lots of colourful flowers and vegetables. The children are learning to draw real flowers from the garden. Everyone is painting flowers in a vase on a piece of board that we varnished after and they hang it up in their houses. They are getting orders from neighbors already! These two kindergarten kids are very proud of their work!

We also started painting the indoor walls of the children’s houses as their beautiful art needed nice clean walls. The villagers never felt confident to paint their own walls and they have been living in cement walls for years. Only some could afford painters. Now the children are learning to paint their own houses! Also we started making flower gardens near their houses. Our school is expanding into the village!

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