Issue 39 – January 2015

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Ananda Marga Gurukula

4 – Ananda Marga Gurukula 25th Anniversary Events for 2015
6 – Sacred Activism for a Sustainable Future – Gurukula-Cellenium Global Partnership – Dada Shambhushivananda and Krisada Kampanatsanyakorn

Yoga Education in Schools

8 – Yoga Education in Schools – Taiwan National Conference
8 – Ananda Marga Yoga Academy – Singapore

10 – Meditation in Public Schools – Toronto, Canada – MahaJyoti Glassman

Neohumanist Teacher Training and Studies

11 – Developing a Practical Early Childhood Teacher Training System that is Rapid, Effective, Empowering and Duplicable (REED) in Indonesia – Kalyanii KL Chew
14 – We all have a story; using friendship as a tool for overcoming stereotypes and prejudices in building an inclusive society – Didi Ananda Devapriya
16 – Inner Space Workshop – Exploring Inner and Outer Ecology – Marcus Bussey and Dada Shambhushivananda
19 – Training and Perfecting Neohumanist Didactic Competencies, Teacher Training, Romania – Magda Zambet
20 – A New Teacher for Sunshine School Switzerland – Tatjana Popov
22 – NHE Teacher Training at Lotus Children Center, Ghana – Didi Gayatrii

Neohumanist Action on Master Units / Eco-Villages / Land

24 – A New Model for a Spiritual Life – Principles of Design for Ecovillages and Spiritual Communities – Peter Fleury
26 – Neohumanism In Action in Venezuela – Eugenio Mendoza
28 – An Edible Forest Garden in Ireland – Brian Ragbourn
30 – Master Units of the Soul – A Journey in Ananda Kalyani Master Unit, Portugal – Miguel Pacheco

Neohumanist Schools and Projects in Focus

33 – Gardening & Farm to Plate Program, New Day School, Portland, OR, USA – Suzanne Stone
36 – Music, Drama, Dance and Graduation Day in Sunrise Kindergarten, Finland – Didi Ananda Krpa
37 – MorningStar Preschool, Denver, CO, USA – MahaJyoti Glassman

38 – Saving Lives in the Schools and Streets of Porto Alegre, Brazil – Fabricio Pranav Labre and Patrícia Reis
40 – News from the Ananda Marga River School, Maleny, Australia – Kamala Alister
42 – Meditation Ideas, Stories and Games

Global News

44 – Qahira Sector – Croatia
44 – Hong Kong Sector – Taiwan
45 – Berlin Sector – Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Romania
46 – Delhi Sector – India


47 – New NHE Music CD | P.R. Sarkar Institute | Neohumanist College

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Shrii P. R. Sarkar

Today’s humanity is in despair; people think too much about their imperfections. They think, “Can I do it?” But in that supreme, Neohumanistic status, they will say, “Yes, I am a Neohumanistic being and I am destined to do great work. For that purpose I have come onto this earth. So there is no scope for doubt whether I can do it or not.”