Delhi sector


Panchkula, near Chandigarh

New AMGK Center Opening

Kharar Punjab

Kulapati addressed Rotarians on the theme of Towards a Compassionate and Sustainable India.


Dr. B. D. Sharma is a celebrated author of books on medicinal plants. Here he presents his latest encyclopedia on Himalayan Edible Medicinal Plants to Kulapati of Ananda Marga Gurukula.


Kulapati spoke to the 200 medical faculty and students of SDU University (Sri Devraj Urs University) on some of the challenges of the medical field and bio-psychological aspects of yoga and meditation. Dr Premnath Kotur , VC welcomed him and remarked that they have been greatly enlightened by this rare visit of Dr. Shambhushivananda, Kulapati of AM Gurukula. He also remarked that Ac. Cinmayananda Avadhuta of Ananda Marga Gurukula has been nominated to the ethics committee of the Medical College and that they desired closer collaboration with AM Gurukula meditation experts.
Dr. P. F. Kotur, Vice Chancellor of Sri Devraj Urs Academy of Higher Education and Research (a deemed to be university) facilitated Dr. Shambhushivananda after the talk to the faculty and staff of the Medical School in Tamaka, Kolar, Karnataka, India.


Kulapati visited the Polytechnic in Kolar


Ananda Nagar

Opening Session of Ananda Marga Gurukula Teachers Training College. Classes began on July 1st 2014 with 100 students.

In October, Dr. Shambhushivananda addressed the students on the theme: “Role of Teachers in Building an Ideal Society” and the talk was very well received. It will be followed by a special series on “Inner Ecology” at the Yoga-Shiksha Kendra (Wellness Center at Anandanagar).


Ananda Nagar

Kaoshikii and Gurukul Day Celebrations



Anandapur High School

Nitish Kumar of the 10th Grade received the coveted National Inspired Award.


Kithandur, Karnataka Kolar District,
School run by Dada Cinmayananda


Jharkhand School

Ananda Palli High School and Orphanage
By Dada Dharmapremananda

39page47-06Ananda Palli High School is located in a remote part of India. It was started in 1970 with a small piece of land donated by local farmers who dreamt of a better education for their children and others in the neighborhood. It started with KG-1 and expanded up to 10th grade in a few years. It is now offering basic education to hundreds of children on a regular basis.

The surrounding villagers are mostly farmers and can’t afford a good education to their children. It currently covers more than 20 villages nearby and fundraising is ongoing for expansion. The school also has a residential facility which houses more than 50 orphaned children who belong to either very economically poor families or are parentless.

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