Programs at Center for Neohumanist Studies Sweden

40-Page_18_Image_140-Page_18_Image_4Yoga Weekend

The idea for the Yoga Weekend was created after the very beautiful New Year’s celebration at the Ananda Marga Training Center in Ydrefors 2014/2015. The idea was to bring people to the Training Center to have them experience the blissful atmosphere and learn Yoga and Meditation practices. In collaboration with Gurukula the weekend event was created and eleven people attended together with Dada Shambushivananda, Didi Ananda Bhadra. Linus Liiladeva Lundkvist coordinated the weekend together with Mikael Madhava; Bhuvanesh and the other trainees from the Training Center kindly served a great part in hosting the event.

We had a very comprehensive program from early Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon, where we practiced; meditation, yoga postures (asanas) and yoga dances (kiirtan kaoshiki, tandava) as well as relaxation and self massage led by Madhav. We also had a psycho-spiritual communication workshop, where people practiced listening to each other with focused attention and heart connection while taking turns expressing their deepest and dearest intentions, emotions and visions.

40-Page_18_Image_3The very appreciated opening workshop was held by Liiladeva. Dada Shambushivananda gave a very mind expanding lecture about the Science and Philosophy of Yoga. The atmosphere was great and people were really happy. The program finished off on Saturday with a very cozy gathering on a mountain close by the Training Center, where we made a fire, danced and chanted. We continued the program on Sunday with yoga practices. Didi Ananda Bhadra held an inspiring presentation of a project by Heart for Africa. The program too quickly was coming to an end when we held a sharing, where the participants expressed their experience which was overall incredibly positive. The program closed with a long kiirtan and meditation.

The Yoga Weekend was a very loving and inspiring weekend created by all its participants in the spirit of deepening our connections with ourselves and each other. That said, there surely will be more Yoga Weekends in the future.

Other CNS Sweden News

40-Page_18_Image_2During Easter seminar at CNS-Sweden in Ydrefors, Trond Overland gave a fascinating workshop on Mind and Meditation Dynamics called, “Think Big — Creating Inner Space for Personal and Common Development”. Our earthly life is surrounded by enormous space. By generating a similar volume of inner space, we construct ample room for personal and common evolution and transformation. Intuitional science provides us with numerous activating techniques towards this end. A main key to creating an inner atmosphere of inspiration and personal workshop spirit is spiritual ideation: The Inherent Greatness and Fundamental Being of Oneness of All. Feeling great inside generates a cycle of increasing greatness within and without! Participation in the workshop required basic capacity to sit still for a few minutes and be with yourself, plus there was some personal sharing one-on-one and group interaction.

40-Page_19_Image_1Shantanu Pyne, based in Stockholm, led the Prabhat Samgiita Workshop on New Years Eve at Ydrefors. On behalf of Prabhat Samgiita Academy, he has also offered to provide regular Prabhat Samgiita singing lessons during the year in Ydrefors and Stockholm.

Katja Krsnapriya Kinnunen has now joined the CNS-Stockholm team to offer yoga education for interested persons. Katja completed the Yoga Teachers Training held in Iceland last year and has been deepening her knowledge through personal practise and guidance of senior teachers.

Spiritual Lifestyle Training

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of Sweden TC, CNS- Sweden is planning a special three weeks Spiritual Life Style Training and Monastic Reunion of alumni of Prashiksana Matha from June 20th – July 15th, 2016. This will be conducted by Dada Shambhushivananda and Didi Ananda Bhadra. The program will kick off with an Introductory Yoga Weekend on June 18-19th, 2016 catered to a broader audience in Sweden. CNS Sweden (Ydrefors) continues to be a favourite destination for spiritual seekers from around the world.