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Cairo, Egypt

Children Teaching Children at Nile River School

Children are the earliest risers in the village. Fresh from bed before breakfast the first ones come to school. They usually bring smaller ones along and start teaching! We have now about eight children who have enjoyed being responsible for the learning environment and about six of them help in teaching. They help to reinforce the rules of the school, introduce newcomers to how the school is run and have learned some teaching skills. They are assistants to our teachers and attend teacher’s training sessions. The youngest is 5 years old, loves to clean, knows the place of all things, is best in inventing new plays and of course knows the alphabet and understand simple English.

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Ananda Yara
Master Unit Update

The Master Unit continues to develop as a sustainable living model offering classes to the local community. They are preparing products they can sell such as bread, cleaning products, healthy food, moringa, beans, green fertilizers and green pesticides. Their outreach work is increasing and they have been offering yoga activities, workshops on rational use of water, organic gardening, as well as RRR (reduce, reuse, recycle). There is an increasing interest in activities oriented towards the development of a neohumanist economy that encourages utilization of raw materials to transform into finished products.

Workshop at local High School for making alternative products from raw materials

Giving a class on Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Volunteers from the global community are invited to take part in this growing neohumanist project. You can contact

Laying river pebbles for a path to the meditation area at Ananda Yara

Planting Trees at Ananda Yara