2015 Intensive Yoga Teacher Training


40-Page_20_Image_4AYAM Yoga Academy, Córdoba, Argentina

By José Luis Ferrero, General Coordinator/Teacher

40-Page_20_Image_1With great joy and satisfaction we completed the 2015 Intensive Yoga Teacher Training on February 22nd at the Master Unit Ananda Maya Diipa, in the Córdoba hills. Seventeen new yoga teachers received their certificates after fifteen days of full dedication to hard theoretical and practical study. The magnificent natural surroundings of the mountains was an appropriate framework for the occasion. The weather was very kind and helped us to create a perfect environment for the activity.

The students did an excellent job throughout the training, sharing moments of study, practice and recreation in an atmosphere of deep commitment, camaraderie and friendship. Every day we shared meditation at five o’clock as the starting point of the day of study and work, as well as moments of rest and warm conversation.

40-Page_20_Image_2All students passed the theoretical examinations on cosmology, yoga psychology, vegetarian food, bio psychology, history of yoga, social philosophy, personal sadhana and the sixteen points. On the practice examination they demonstrated their knowledge of body conditioning, asanas, kaoshikii, tandava and surya namaskar.

As it is every year saying goodbye to the new teachers was very emotional, with the certainty that all of them will carry to their places the message of the sublime ideology of Shrii Prabhat Sarkar and Neohumanist ideals. We hope these new yoga teachers will join their effort and knowledge with all who struggle and work for a better world that is more enlightened and spiritual.

To summarize, we share here the kind and moving words of Marina Buschiazzo, one of the new yoga teachers:

40-Page_20_Image_5“Love turned around… Baba Nam Kevalam.
In 17 days there were good relations, fellowship all together, beautiful people.
Healthy and healing practices, intense emotions. Well guided, conscious and inclusive ásanas. Inclusion makes the unification, and unification is YOGA.
Physical, mental, spiritual being.
Wellbeing, with intense studies … anyway, energetic live”.