AMGK Campus – Marshall NC, USA

Issue41_Page_33_Image_4by Dr. Sid Jordan

Next to the Ananda Girisuta Master Unit near Asheville NC twenty-five acres have been donated to Ananda Marga Gurukula (AMGK) to develop a campus for teacher training and for the Neohumanist College. These programs are supported by the existing Center for Neohumanist Studies, the Prama Institute and Wellness Center, neighboring 27 and 33-acre AMPS and WWD-F master units respectively, a 10-acre dairy farm, and a 25-acre eco-village. This twenty-five acre AMGK campus can accommodate housing, a reception center, administrative offices, classrooms and conference halls.


The vision is to have a campus that serves both the training of Neohumanist teachers and development of college faculties of education, tantra and intuitional sciences, medicine, psychology, art/music, agricultural sciences and economics based on available faculty members in the Asheville area. We will begin with the construction of housing for the staff on the main road that can also serve as an administrative office and reception hall. The second phase of development would be a larger dome for conferences and teaching space on a knoll opposite the current dome on the Master Unit. The third phase would be a co-housing or condominium style dormitory for students on the upper part of the land that has views of the eastern Blue Ridge Mountains.

Issue41_Page_33_Image_2Issue41_Page_33_Image_3Besides the donation of land there has also been a donation of two 40 foot and three 30 foot geodesic dome kits valued at an average price of $40,000 to begin the construction phase. It will require approximately 175 to 200 thousand dollars to complete construction of each dome that will have extensions for dorm space and private bedrooms. One of these domes could be a part of phase one of the reception and office Center on Panhandle Road. One of the large domes would serve well in phase two for the large conference and meeting hall. The three remaining domes could house over 70 students and conference attendees along with additional space for 50 individuals in the Prama Institute and Wellness center for educational events such as our global AMGK/NHE conferences.

Issue41_Page_33_Image_1To take advantage of these generous donations we need to raise funds as outlined below for the construction of phase one of our AMGK/NHE campus. Subsequently, as funds are raised we can complete phases two and three to create a vibrant campus with teachers and students dedicated to our NHE and Gurukula mission. The AMGK campus, MU and other community projects on the approximately 150 acres are overseen by a council that supports coordinated cooperation among the various projects of the extended community. Interested persons may contact Ellen Landau or Sid Jordan .

AMGK Campus Budget

In-kind Donations:
Value of donated Land 25 acres @ $15,000/ac$375,000
5 domes x $40,000$250,000
Engineering (eliminating need of rising wall on domes)$100,000
Total (Donated)$725,000
Phase I
Reception Center/Office (40 ft. dome)$200,000
Conference and Meeting Hall (40 ft. dome)$200,000
Office Equipment (Office machines and Wi-Fi)$5,000
Well and pump$10,000
Phase II
12 Units Co-housing Dorms – 72 student capacity$525,000
Site preparation- grading and roads$30,000
Well and solar pump$15,000