Education and Child Protection for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

Orientation Training



Issue41_Page_31_Image_2An AMURT/NHE project in Lebanon is working to provide education and increase social stability for the Syrian refugees. Didi Anandarama joined the Orientation Training for new staff (30 participants) at the Mahabbah School in Kafarnabrakh in the Chouf mountains. Didi gave presentations on the philosophy, principles and practices of Ananda Marga and Neohumanism and how they can be applied in developmental work and education. She also introduced the ideas and practices of Neohumanist Education. There were also workshops on Communication, Child Protection, Positive Therapy, Outreach work and Life skills by the AMURT staff Talal El Halabi, Nadia Rabah and Abir Khodr. AMURT is helping 2000 families and 2000 children in various capacities.

Issue41_Page_31_Image_1A Primary school for Syrian children was started in Kafernabrakh , Lebanon in October with 160 children, nice classrooms, a big sports field, lovely teachers and a good team.