Education Training – India (ETC) & Ghana


Dada Svarupananda inaugurated the ETC and stressed the need to create good sentient habits among children and gave many live examples of persons who graduated from our schools and are now holding high-ranking positions in society and holding the moral values espoused by our educational system.

Dada Ramananda emphasized the need of service spirit and shared many spiritual stories that motivated the participants to do more sadhana, service and sacrifice.

Didi Ananda Sambuddha reminded us that the old Gurukula system emphasized simplicity and service and today’s comfort-seeking educational system nurtures arrogance and pleasure-seeking. AM Gurukula wishes to prepare the students for a life of service and responsibility towards society.

Dada Madhuvratananda spoke on the need of self-discipline and need for cultivating self-confidence among students.

Didi Ananda Cittaprabha’, Didi Ananda Suniti, Dada Avanindrananda, Dada Kalyanmitrananda, Dada Ounkareshvarananda, Omkar Singh Thakur, Dada Gunindrananda, Dada Atmatiirthananda, Dada Subhadrananda Dada Krpamayananda, Didi Ananda Shrutii , Didi Ananda Ratnajyoti and many others shared their skills in Neohumanist Education.

The ETC was organized by Dada Avanindrananda. Dada Shambhushivananda gave a class on Gurukula Structure. The ETC concluded with a cultural evening.

ETC Tiljala, Kolkata

Another ETC was held at Tiljala, Kolkata and organised by Dada Priyakrsnanda and attended by over 300 teachers and principals.

Education Training in Ghana

By Didi Gayatrii

We had an Education Training with 4 teachers in Lotus Children, in August. It included yoga training given by Asha, a nurse from Sweden, who also explained the physical and mental benefits of yoga. The training was enthusiastically embraced by the teachers. The teachers also got more acquainted with expressing themselves through art. It’s sad to see how little the general public appreciates art in Ghana, so we had to work hard to awaken the artist in them and let them evaluate their art works by associating them with their own feelings. They learned how to express themselves with drawing, individual work on mandalas and a collective painting to close the day. They were able to progress in their personal development, which will certainly affect their performance in the classroom.

Asha also instructed about 45 parents/family members of our Ananda Marga school at Lotus Children Center on the benefits of yoga for the students as most of the parents wonder if yoga really has any benefits.
Many parents are enthusiastic about our unique system of education and are requesting the school to expand from KG to JSS and SHS, and insisting we would get another facility for that.

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