New York Sector – USA & Manila Sector – Indonesia

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New Lebanon, New York

Neohumanist Institute

A Neohumanist Center is being opened in New Lebanon, NY. The 6 acres for the project has been donated by Mr. Rishi Prashad to the Neohumanist Education Foundation which is registered in the State of New York.

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Queens, NY, USA

The Neohumanist Education Foundation partnered with a Hindu temple in Richmond Hill to bring yoga to children. Music lessons and training in reciting mantras were also taught to a dozen kids of the community. Yoga classes were led by Madhava and Liladeva from Stockholm. Varuna led the youth camp while Pru Devika organised vegetarian meals for all participants.

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Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia

Center for Neohumanist Studies – CNS

Issue41_Page_38_Image_7Thirteen people (from 8 institutions, formal and informal) attended the CNS meeting at Wood School, Gianyar Bali. Three people were appointed as chair person, secretary and treasurer. Their job is to study and follow up on the AMGK guidelines for NHE institutions.

  • The institution expressly subscribes to neohumanist philosophy and strives to adhere to neohumanist principles in its administrative procedures, educational content and activities.
  • The director/in-charge of the institution must be a neohumanist and qualified for the position and his/her CV should be on file with the Global Liaison Office and endorsed also by the board of GANE/AMGK.
  • The institution becomes a regular paying member of GANE
  • The institution sends regular yearly/six-monthly activity reports to the Global Liaison Office