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Italy – The Balyayoga® approach- Yoga for Children

Issue42_Page_49_Image_5Recently affiliated with Gurukula, Balyayoga® yoga for children is a new methodology of teaching yoga to little ones. Having been inspired by Shrii P.R. Sarkar’s Neohumanistic philosophy, Gianni Zollo and Dr. Barbara Ladisa have created this approach aimed at children, using games to develop all the different levels of the mind. Balyayoga® intends to be exactly this: a new way of doing yoga through a process and method of specific teaching that both “nourishes” and lovingly supports the physical, psychic and emotional growth of the child, in order to facilitate the discovery of self.

Issue42_Page_49_Image_1Our workshops involve children from the ages of 3 to 13 years old, from all types of public schools in the city of Bari, in the south of Italy. Since 2010, Balyayoga® has also been a method of training people all around Italy who would like to become teachers of yoga for children. Currently, more than 300 teachers have been trained in this method, adapting an approach based on Neohumanistic principles. The purpose of this method is also to systematically study and research the link between pedagogy and yoga, in relation to the most recent studies in Neohumanist Education.