Education Training Camps – India


Anandanagar, India

A five-day Education Training Camp was held at Anandanagar in May, 2016, hosted by Ac. Avanindrananda Avt. Ac. Svarupananda Avt. gave the inaugural speech and Ac. Shambhushivananda Avt., Kulapati , Ananda Marga Gurukula, gave a key note address on Neohumanist Education. Several workshops were conducted by Ac. Sudamshu, Avtk. Ananda Sunitii Ac., Avtk. Ananda Cittaprabha’ Ac., Ac. Kalyanmitrananda Avt., Jay Govind, Ac. Ounkareshvarananda Avt., Ac. Sujitji and several others.

The construction of the AMGK Teachers Training College Extension Building at Anandanagar is continuing.

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Bankura District of West Bengal, India

The winter session of the Education Training Camp was held on 17-21 Dec 2015, at Durlovpur, Bankura district of West Bengal, India, 200 km from Kolkata. There were nearly 250 participants including acharyas from different schools in India. The building where the program took place was newly donated by a noble lady, Tanushree Chattaraj, in the loving memory of her husband Partha Chattaraj, who had a sad demise in 2008. It is a huge three storey building sprawling over 4 acres of land beside the Raniganj-Bankura Highway.

Issue42_Page_20_Image_4The program began on 17th December morning with a housewarming ceremony. Classes were conducted on various subjects by experienced educators.

  • Prof. Rajarshi Roy from Vishvabharati University,
  • Methodology – Shantiketan,v
  • Professional Development of Teachers and Integrating Life Skills in Primary Education – Arpita Bhowmik, research scholar on Neohumanism at the Regional Institute of Education, Bhubaneswar,
  • Maths – Sushanta Roy,
  • Specialties of Stu-vol – Jinanendra Jena,
  • Teaching English -Tapas Sinha,
  • Fundamentals of NHE – Ac. Priyakrsnananda Avt,
  • Childhood misdeeds and their remedies – Ac. Kashishvarananda Avt,
  • Motivating Students – senior LFT Laxmikant Hazra.

Apart from these classes there were competitions on story-telling, rhymes, yoga asanas (postures), dances of kaosikii & tandava, and a workshop on skill development of students. Collective kiirtan and meditation sessions created a strong spiritual vibration. There was a wonderful Cultural Program on 20th evening presented by the children of the Ananda Marga School, Burdwan and RAWA artists from Shantiniketan. The audiences were highly pleased by the magnificent presentation of the young talents. In the concluding ceremony on the 21st, noon time, the participants expressed their feelings that the ETC was highly educative and inspiring. The winners in various competitions were awarded prizes by the guests and the program was closed with “Amra gare nabo Gurukul…” the last Prabhat Samgeet no 5018, given by Founder of Neohumanist Education Shrii P.R.Sarkar.