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Issue42_Page_46_Image_4Issue42_Page_46_Image_5The annual course of AYAM Argentina (Academia de Yoga of Ananda Marga) was completed for the students in Chile. All fifteen students graduated. Pramitii and Raul took sincere initiative to invite us for the course. The students are enthusiastic to bring what they have learned to the public. They are already offering weekly philosophy classes, regular group meditations and other functions.



Water Filtration in Aristides Bastidas Municipality
By Eugenio Mendoza

Venezuela is a land of hope. Its educational framework aims at a balance within nature and human spirit. Here there is a fertile soil for Neohumanist Education to grow up.

We continue working on our many projects to develop a master unit, Ananda Yara, in the spiritual heart of Venezuela, near the mountain of Sorte where Maria Lionza’s inspiring spirit is said to reside. We do as much as our capabilities and resources let us. And sometimes we ramp up some activities with a little help from our friends: Thanks to a generous donation by the Baker Family, who sent us funds through Amurtel in the USA, we are developing a project to supply water filters made with local resources which will impact a population of approximately 16,000 people. How is it possible?

Issue42_Page_46_Image_2Using sands from the river beds in the area, some tubing and plastic materials, charcoal, and moringa seeds with applied knowledge and work, we make a filter that improves water quality in a significant way. We have been using this method at home for the last two years but had not been able to promote its construction due to the lack of funding.

It has taken just 350 usd to make a filter for every school in the county, Aristides Bastidas, where we live. That’s 25 filters for 30 school sites and one base of missions. There are 6,193 students in the county. We have conducted 25 workshops, with students of several grades as well as teachers, school workers and parents to explain how filters are made and how they work, so they can develop more and better ones. We started already with three deliveries and are in the process of making and delivering the rest of them. We expect to finish by the end of the school year in June.

Issue42_Page_46_Image_1We want to share this experience with the rest of Gurukul because it has been a very satisfying task to improve water quality and resources utilization in our community. In case you would like more information about this project, write to You may also be interested in these sites: