Gurukula Resource Exchange Initiatives



Noida, India

Snehalata Ko of Gurukula Taiwan recently visited Noida Ananda Sambodhi School and led several initiatives to help the school become a model Neohumanist school. The students and teachers were very receptive and cooperated very much in order to create a clean and loving environment for joyful learning. She also shared many math games with the children. On her visit to Chandigarh, she visited the People for Animals project and visited their animal shelters. Indian schools are keen to learn from Neohumanist educators worldwide. Interested skilled teachers may write to for possibilities and opportunities for sharing.

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Vientiane, Laos

Issue42_Page_51_Image_2Dr. Jareeporn Naksamrit of NERI Thailand and the Thai Teachers From Somdejya Community Learning School in Thailand, visited the Sunshine School in Laos and were warmly welcomed by Director Didi Ananda Gaorii and her team. They observed the KG, primary school and secondary school and also visited a project outside of the city called Sunshine Playschool. The place is like a Master Unit, with land for planting, and a small house with many KG children from the local village.