Manila Sector



Gianyar, Bali

By Maya Pagandiri

Issue42_Page_47_Image_6We are in the process of building a new Center in Gianyar, Bali. It will be a yoga center and an afternoon school where children can learn English, Arts and other subjects which they will not be able to study in the public school. Our main objective is to create a safe space for children to feel happy and relaxed and get introduced to things that will help them see the world in new and mind-expanding ways.

An octagon sided meditation hall that will not be used for anything else than yoga and meditation is being built on the land. Beside the meditation hall, we have a house in traditional Indonesian style that will serve as the classroom, dining hall and bathrooms. The CNS (Center for Neohumanist Studies) Bali office will be accommodated in this house.

Activities will be done in collaboration between WWD Bali and Ananda Marga Gianyar, supervised by Didi Ananda Samprajina and the bright team of the Gianyar unit.

We would like to invite volunteers to come and work with us here, especially in the education field, starting year 2017. Please write to: .



Service in Saigon
by Tran Thuy Ngoc

We started the Lunar Year of the Monkey with two charity trips in January to Củ Chi, a suburban district of Ho Chi Minh City:
1. Cooking lunch for 500 poor patients at Củ Chi General Hospital.
2. Donating New Year gifts to 100 poor, old and Orange-affected people at Phú Hòa Đông Commune.
Additionally, 3 bicycles were given to 3 poor pupils.

Issue42_Page_47_Image_4Thirty volunteers joined this trip, from Ho Chi Minh City. We ate breakfast on the bus, discussed the general program and took assignments. Upon arrival we carried the food from the bus to the kitchen to prepare lunch including rice, pineapple soup, braised miscellaneous vegetables, and sweet green beans for dessert. Lunch was served at 10:30 to the patients. After serving we ate a quick lunch before leaving for the second destination.

Issue42_Page_47_Image_3It was heart-breaking to see the Orange-affected children and the poor old people. They were happy with our little gifts including: rice, instant noodle, soya oil, soya sauce, blanket, and old clothes. The People’s Committee there gave us an Appreciation Certificate for our good acts. On the way back home, we reviewed our experience and made plans for the next trip. The service will go on every month as long as we have the good heart to do it.

Manila, Philippines

Issue42_Page_47_Image_1Ananda Marga Special Academic Institution participates in Children’s Day Celebration.