Neri India Conference and GANE



Chandigarh, India
November 18 – 19th, 2016

NERI-Chandigarh is pleased to host a two-day seminar on Neohumanist Education. Among the expected participants will be teachers, educators, social activists, policy-makers, research-scholars, students and parents interested in looking at the educational process from fresh perspectives.


Some of the themes to be explored will include

Education and Creativity
Ecological Perspectives
Meditation and Yoga in Schools
Causal Layered Analysis for Future Studies
Neohumanist Ethics
Service Learning
Training of Wisdom-Teachers
Neohumanist Strategies in Diversity and Inclusion
Design Challenges for a new Educational Policy
Innovations, Technology and Social Justice

Call for Papers

Interested participants are invited to send the abstracts of their papers by October 15, 2016, and full papers by November 15, 2016.

Registration Deadline

October 15, 2016


c/o Puneet Bawa
#70 Sector18A, Chandigarh 160018
Tel: +91-9953101378



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