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Progressive School of Long Island News, New York, USA

Progressive School publicly emphasizes values and states that academics are secondary. There is no testing preparation. Even with this, last year, Progressive School was ranked against every private and parochial school in Nassau county, 71 schools. Here are the results:

English Language Arts Grade 7 2014/15 #1
Math Grade 7 2014/15 #2
English Language Arts Grade 8 2014/15 #2
Math Grade 8 2014/15 #1

Rap Song written by Jayden McMillan and Mitchell Krasnopolsky

Two boys did a rap as a part of a vaudeville routine celebrating early American entertainment. It was entirely their idea.

Yeah… uh huh uh huh uh huh (2x)
The name’s Jonnie Mac, my grades ain’t whack

Been here nine years and I’m still commin’ back,
I carry all my homework in my yellow backpack,
I’m a very good student and I never ever slack

Yeah… uh huh uh huh uh huh (2x)
When I walk through the doors, it’s time for meditation
Eric’s music hit the air– I feel the vibration
It’s like I’m taking a brief Mental Vacation
After that is finished, I’m the calmest in the nation


Walkin’ down the halls in the Progressive School
Goin’ down to Science, lookin’ real cool
Treasuring intelligence, like a shiny jewel
Swimmin’ in smarts, like a knowledge swimming pool

All of the teachers that are here are really nice
Teachin’ us good things, like goin’ on “freerice”
Show us the right thing to do like we’re little mice
Always givin’ us the perfect advice

We will remember your advice for as long as we live
We will cherish the lessons that to us you all give
We will live our lives in the best way we can
We when leave, don’t worry, we will be back again.

Ananda Girisuta Master Unit, Asheville, USA

Issue42_Page_45_Image_2We have a new kitchen manager, Sydney, for the Prama Institute and Prama Wellness Center. She has just returned from over one month in Sangklaburi, Thailand, where she worked at our Baan Unrak children’s home, established in 1991 by the Neohumanist Foundation. Didi Ananda Usa and a host of volunteers, including Sydney, are doing extensive spring planting on the WWD-F land and in the hydroponic green-house, that can supply the local community and service projects with abundant vegetables. Pictured is a trellis built on WWD-F land by Jivanmukta to support vines producing kiwi.

Issue42_Page_45_Image_1The Prama Institute (PI) is keeping its yearly schedule full and is mostly scheduled now for the year 2017. The programs there now reflect 30% PI programs that include Conscious Cooking and Silent Meditation repeated several times a year, Science and Practice of Yoga, Prout Conference in July, and Kiirtan retreat in November. We are developing a 25-acre campus for Ananda Marga Gurukula next to the MU under the banner of Neohumanist College. We will develop an education department on this campus to train Neohumanist teachers as well as participate with our global online Neohumanist College with a variety of courses as different faculties of Ananda Marga Gurukul contribute.

A Prout Strategic Planning Seminar will be held at the Prama Institute on the Ananda Girisuta MU May 6-8, 2016 Asheville, NC. Thirty people are registered for this event so far.