NHE Teacher Training – Mexico- Iceland


At New School in Mexico

Including the principal of a secondary school in Puebla, Mexico, a total of 15 people received one day training in Neohumanist Education. Didi Ananda Mamata, who had just arrived from Guatemala conducted the training.

Nora, the principal of the secondary school on which premises the training was held, is planning to extend their school to include 2 or 3 classes for pre-school and kindergarten aged children. The new classes will be under the supervision of Didi Ananda Shanta, to make it a truly NHE school, based on ethical and universal spiritual values. The school will provide purely vegetarian food, etc., also for their elder students.

Issue42_Page_27_Image_4The training, with many practical activities, was an introduction of the specialty of our education system. After an introductory game and two NHE songs, the participants learned the basics of Neohumanist philosophy and a bit about the Kos’as and how to implement a holistic education by taking care of all the 5 layers of the mind. There were discussions about discipline, ecology, service and how to increase the love for all in the students as well as in the teachers. They learned 19 short NHE songs with gestures, listened to some Yama and Niyama stories and had fun doing Yoga for Kids. They received some techniques and visualizations for meditation, learned how to do morning circle and enjoyed the playful methods of teaching academic subjects.

Ambika prepared a delicious lunch and snacks for everybody, Dada Anuvratananda and Dada Krpasundarananda helped Didi Ananda Shanta to organize the training and Didi Ananda Mamata shared her experiences working in many Neohumanist schools around the world.


Teacher Training at Iceland School

Neohumanism through Art

By Didi Ananda Kaostuba

During our Staff Training day I organized healthy competition among all of our staff. The subject was to express Neohumanism through Art, Music, Dance, and Storytelling. Issue42_Page_27_Image_1. It was very nice to see how everyone expressed Neohumanism in their own way. Jurtina expressed Neohumanism through her art work pictured here. The printable word-clouds are the words that she associate with neo-humanism, pictured here in the form of a tree and a flower.