One Month Naturopathy Training


Global Network of Ananda Marga Yoga Wellness Centers Holds one-month Naturopathy Training

By Dada Dharmavedananda

The spread of the wellness movement throughout the world goes on fast and furious! Those attending global training sessions continue to be in large numbers, and more permanent centers are opening. This dynamic movement, affiliated with the Naturopathy Faculty of Ananda Marga Gurukula, is growing for the following reasons:

  1. Our treatment system is effective, easy to learn and understand, while the food is delicious even while it is detoxing and healthful
  2. As collective spirituality expands, people feel the increasing need to become more subtle on all levels – or else one’s health suffers and thus interest in better health is growing as consciousness grow.
  3. Those living a healthy life style have a unique service they can offer, with a little training.

The latest annual one-month training was full to the brim with 15 trainees who hailed from such diverse places as South Africa, Papua New Guinea, China, India, Australia, Bali, Hong Kong and Singapore. The first Yoga Wellness Center opened eleven years ago in Cebu, Maharlika (Philippines) – and it continues to be the hub of our global coordination and training. At this moment we have three more beautiful full-fledged in-patient Centers besides Cebu – i.e. in Asheville NC, USA, Ananda Nagar India, and Yuching Tainan Taiwan. And two more are scheduled to soon open – in Bali and Durban South Africa.

If you or anyone close to you is challenged by such problems as skin problems, diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol, cancer which is not yet extreme, obesity, or almost any other chronic disease – we can very likely help you in a major way. In the near future we will have a global website for all of our centers and programs. In the meantime, please see details at or write to

Neohumanist College News

Issue42_Page_19_Image_1In October, a 10 week book club/course was conducted through Neohumanist College on-line, facilitated by Richard Maxwell, Ph.D, on “Yoga Psychology”. A new course concerning “Trauma-Sensitive Yoga” is in the works for later this year. This course will be an elaboration of work that Eileen Maxwell, CSW, RYT, has done teaching elementary yoga practices to small groups of individuals with histories of significant trauma and emotional distress.

Yoga Psychology Book Club

By Dr. Richard Maxwell

The Neohumanist College on-line platform was used for open discussions of chapters from the book Yoga Psychology. Each week several chapters were read and related topics were examined and discussed by posting comments to a forum. The hope had been to simulate the active discussions that might occur in a true book club in which everyone comes together to discuss what they have read. One extended discussion considered the point at which a bodiless mind incarnates into its new physical structure. Other exchanges examined spiritual dreams, past life memories in children, scientific support for extra-cerebral memory, morality, psychic pabula, psychic training centers, conceptualizing mental health disorders, male/female differences, the interrelationship of bhakti, jinana and karma yogas, devotion and Guru’s Grace, etc. This was a first try at something like this. Future efforts will focus on a true course design providing more extensive novel information.