Path of Joy School – Kasoa, Ghana


New School

By Didi Vinamrata’

After many years our dream is finally becoming true. We have completed the construction of the first classroom, two offices, a bathroom, a septic tank and a solid foundation that will be able to support a four store building in the future. We started library activities on 31st January with the participation of more than 60 local children.

Issue42_Page_35_Image_6Thanks to the kind collaboration of Mohamukta, Rutger Tamminga and other sincere supporters, our “Path of Joy” school is getting ready to open its doors to the community. We have already selected part of the school staff and we are currently taking admissions. We are also doing regular activities during the week with children in order to let people know what Neohumanist Education principles are about. At the same time, construction work is still going on. Our goal is that in the future, this building will be able to provide quality education for children and training in Neohumanist Education to teachers.

Issue42_Page_35_Image_7It is very sad to see that many times enormous talent and potential doesn’t get the opportunity to be fully developed and utilized. Many parents are not able to provide education for their children and sometimes even if they are, the education which is offered does not awaken the thirst for expanding their minds and knowledge. Instead, it instills in them fear of punishment or humiliation. Our objective is to provide every child with the opportunity to develop themselves in such an environment that inspires them to become assets in their communities. To empower future active members of the community is our biggest concern.

If you are inspired to help us to continue developing this project please contact me at . Any contribution will make a big difference. Much work is still waiting for us; you can help us to make our children’s future even brighter.

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