Centro Educativo Neo-Humanista P.R. Sarkar

Barranquilla, Colombia

By Silvia Anillo

The Centro Educativo Neo-Humanista P. R. Sarkar in Barranquilla was created in 1984 in ‘Barrio Las Malvinas’, one of the poorest sectors of the city, where living and socio-economic conditions are minimal. Since then, with no interruption, it has provided free education to the area’s preschool children.

The school, affectionately called ‘la escuelita’, is built on an area of approximately 1000 square meters. It consists of six comfortable classrooms and a large patio where the children can play surrounded by flowers and caressed by the shade of exuberant neem trees. There is also a kitchen, a dining room, bathrooms, a reading room, an office, and a living area for the caretaker and his family.

For the last three years the children have been receiving a delicious vegetarian meal.
Centro Educativo Neo-Humanista P. R. Sarkar in Barranquilla is a flagship educational project in Colombia, recognized by other local educational institutions thanks to its innovative Neohumanist approach. Every day our children perform the Circle of Love, practice yoga postures suitable for their age, and practice meditation while also being instructed in values and moral principles. This way they develop a harmonious, well balanced and spiritual personality.

In order to comply with the current local laws we have at the present time 75 children between the ages of three and five. So far, three generations have passed through our school and we continue to give them support for their personal development by inviting them to weekly group meditations, which they can attend along with their children at school. Alumni are also invited.



AMGK Organizational Handbook

The AMGK Organizational Handbook (52 pages) provides for the first time a glimpse into the scope and insight of the organizational directives given by by Shrii P.R.Sarkar at the time of the founding of AMGK in 1990. This booklet also consolidates all educational initiatives undertaken by AMGK over the past 25 years. It is available free of charge, though donations are most welcome. If you would like a copy, please write to: