Taiwan News

by Geeta Li

An NHE workshop “The Love of the Universe” was held in August, organized by the NHE Work Team: Geeta’, Aruna and Jayanta.

Participants of this workshop included: Social educators who care about spirituality, nature, and education; Self-growth learners who cherish their own life, and want to expand their visions; and those who want to know more about Neohumanist Education.

The program topics were:
“The Love of the Universe and Opening the Light of Spirit”
“The Love of the Universe and Listening to the Heart of Nature”
“The Love of the Universe and Wilderness Adventure”
“The Love of the Universe and Children’s Yoga & Quiet Time Exercises”
“The Love of the Universe and connecting Yoga, Nature and Education”

“Parent-Child Yoga”, play with yoga, is held monthly for children and their parents, to experience holistic growth and to learn the joy of a peaceful serene way of life.

Organic Farming

On September 3rd there was a program for farmers to learn about planting without using chemical fertilizers or pesticides. We cooked 3 pots of gruel, shared our own stories, performed harmonica and Kiirtan, and made new friends.

Toy Share Journey to Cambodia

On September 11th Jyotish & Mitradevi told us about their journey to Cambodia. They had gathered toys from our children who wanted to share their favorite toys, recorded what they wanted to say to their friends in Cambodia and carried out a toys-share trip across borders. Mitradevi said that the children of the two countries achieved the Love of Universe with their True Heart. She said she was on a lucky errand and enjoyed it very much.

Teacher Trainings
By Rutger Tamminga

In Taiwan there have been ongoing teacher trainings in a variety of places. Prop making for storytelling in Taichung, kids yoga teacher training in Kaoshung, Taichung and Taipei and parents and children programs all over the island. At Ananda Dhara, the Gurukul mountain center in Taichung, we have conducted regular parents and children programs and currently are designing the Gurukul Nature School, a weekend activity program for 2017. Funds raised through the Gurukul training programs have been donated to Neohumanist Education projects in Paraguay, Nicaragua, India, Nepal and Ghana.


A new kindergarten was opened on 17 October in Bishkek City, Kyrgyzstan with 6 children, aged 2.5 to 6 years of age. It is being run by Didi Indumati, Ranjita and Sainjalii.