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In Indonesia under the banner of AMURT, Kalyanii and Usha from Malaysia and Didis Kiirti and Ananda Hariprana have been conducting teacher training for teachers of self-help community schools for over two years. Indonesia has a very poor education infrastructure, with many children not completing Junior High School. Based in Semarang, Java they work directly with 48 schools and indirectly with another 48 schools to help the government implement a progressive education program. This child centered curriculum has as its first guideline to teach children respect and honor the Supreme and the creation.

During the month of November Rutger Tamminga had the chance to offer training in storytelling training to the teachers. These teachers are volunteers who sacrifice their time for the welfare of the children. They love to sing, dance, play drama and are most loving and kind to their students. During the training they introduced a simplified Kamishibai (provided by AMURT for every school) and story sticks for telling stories with paper puppets. The training offered enough storytelling ideas for the coming semester and they hope they can continue this training once every six months to make these education centers storytelling schools!


Lampang Chiangmai, Thailand

Dada Shambhushivananda visited Lampang Yoga Center again in July. The centre is run by Ms. Nuntaka Thaweepkul, coordinator of the Neohumanist Movement in Northern Thailand. She also teaches Neohumanist practices to nurses as well as students at the local university, schools and colleges.

LCCT (Lampang College of Commerce and Technology), Lampang, Thailand

The director of a local College in Lampang invited Dr. Shambhushivananda on July 27, 2016 to explain the
Science of Yoga and Meditation and the fundamentals of Neohumanist Education to the faculty and students of the College. The director also personally learned meditation practice. Dada also addressed the faculty.

Dada Shambhushivananda was hosted by a newly constructed Buddhist temple in Chiang Mai where the head priest requested Dada to lead meditation at a local ceremony.