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Global Neohumanist Education Network Reaches Out

4 – Keynote Speech at the Seventh MBC Development Top Forum 2016 in Beijing, China, given by Dada Shambhushivananda
6 – NITTTR-NERI Conference on Educational Futures, Chandigarh, India Nov 18-19, 2016
8 – Neohumanism Presented at Panjab University, Chandigarh, India
9 – Conference Theme Talk: Neohumanism: Rethinking Education for Planetary Futures – by Marcus Bussey
13 – NHE Projects presented at the International Step by Step Association Conference – by Didi Ananda Devapriya

Neohumanist Education Teacher Training

14 – Ilori Educational After School Project Teacher Training, San Jose, Costa Rica – by Sid Jordan

Neohumanist Education Methods

16 – Teacher Productivity in the Early Childhood Classroom for 3-5 year olds – by MahaJyoti Glassman
17 – The Importance of Advocating for Pro-diversity and the Inclusion of all Children in Romania – By Magda Zambet
19 – A Thematic and Integrated Approach to STEM Learning – by Dhanjoo Ghista
20 – Integral Learning at the Progressive School of Long Island – By Eric Jacobson

New Book

20 – Mystic Verses – by Shambhushivananda

Neohumanist Education Schools, Projects and Events in Focus

21 – The “We all Have a Story Project” successfully concludes in Romania – by Didi Ananda Devapriya
24 – NHE in the Philippines – by Didi Subharatii
26 – International Yoga Festival – Porto Alegre, Brazil – by Didi Ananda Sushiila
28 – Centro Educativo Neo-Humanista P.R. Sarkar – Barranquilla, Colombia – by Silvia Anillo

Courses in Naturopathy

29 – Ananda Marga Yoga Wellness Centers – Naturopathy Training Coming Up

Global News

30 – Hong Kong Sector – Taiwan, Kyrgyzstan
31 – New York Sector – USA
32 – Georgetown Sector – Venezuela
33 – Qahira Sector – Greece
34 – Berlin Sector – Sweden
35 – Manila Sector – Indonesia, Thailand
36 – Delhi Sector – India

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Shrii P. R. Sarkar

What is Neohumanism? Neohumanism is humanism of the past, humanism of the present and humanism – newly explained – of the future. Explaining humanity and humanism in a new light will widen the path of human progress, will make it easier to tread. Neohumanism will give new inspiration and provide a new interpretation for the very concept of human existence. It will help people understand that human beings, as the most thoughtful and intelligent beings in this created universe, will have to accept the great responsibility of taking care of the entire universe – will have to accept that the responsibility for the entire universe rests on them. … I have already explained that a distorted humanism has created tremendous harm in the world, and is still doing so. Unless it is replaced by Neohumanism, it may be the cause of catastrophic misfortune for human beings.