Inauguration of the Neohumanist Center

New Lebanon, NY, USA


Along State Route 20, as you travel west towards Albany, before you leave New Lebanon, you will pass a small homestead with a sign designated by the New York State Department of Education in 1932 as “Homestead of Ezra Gates, Revolutionary War Soldier (1775-1780).” The homestead sits on six acres of land, its northern boundary the Wyandanch Creek, which runs into the Reneslear River to the west of town. The property contains four buildings: the original homestead, two cabins and a little red barn. Inside the homestead, built in the 18th century, the original ceiling beams and wooden planks on the floors and walls are visible.

In 2015, Ananda Marga Gurukula took over the property for the charitable purpose of establishing a Neohumanist Center in order to share the expansive philosophy and practices of Neohumanism with one and all. The center will provide free meditation and yoga instruction for locals and community groups, and will house the PR Sarkar Institute and the PR Sarkar Memorial Museum and Resource Center.

While renovation of the main building may take some time, the center was inaugurated on Sunday August 27th, with welcoming speeches from Dada Shambhushivananda (Kulapati of Ananda Marga Gurukula) and Ac.Vishvamitra (President of AM Gurukula Inc.), a tree planting ceremony of four apple trees, an open house and collective kiirtan, meditation and lunch. The delicious lunch was lovingly prepared and provided by Timir and Shefali Prabhakar from Boston. NERI Board members were present including Rishi Prasad who contributed much labor in the weeks ahead getting things ready. Other AMGK board members present were Arete Brim and Ellen Landau. Guests came from as far away as Asheville and Greensboro NC, Ithaca NY, Warren and Burlington VT, Boston and Northampton MA, New Haven CT, Cairo NY and other townships in the local area, New York City, and even Toronto, Canada. The event augured well for the advancement of Neohumanism (the culture of love for all beings) in the local area, and the activities this Neohumanist Center will play in complementing other related centers and activities in the area.

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