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Bangkok, Thailand
Bio-Psychology Series

Dada Lillananda gave a series of four class on Bio-Psychology at the Ramkhamhang Neohumanist Foundation in Bangkok, Thailand. There were over 30 students, 24 of them new. The classes were about the chakras and their propensities. Dada’s explanations were mixed with stories.


Centro Educativo Ananda Marga, Nicaragua
By Dada Visnupremananda

Our school now has a new kitchen which the German embassy funded with the effort of Comamos Juntos, another NGO which we are also a member of. We are collecting vegetables every Tuesday and Friday from the market and we are distributing them to some poor places. Our school was one of the beneficiaries from the collection. Every Wednesday we cook the vegetables and feed them to all the students including teachers and parents. They are learning to eat vegetarian food and also learning to cook vegetables they never knew before in their life how to cook and eat. Now even when it is raining we have no problem cooking.