Ananda Kuvalaya & Master Units in Vietnam, Philippines and USA

Master Unit in Paraguay

By Dada Paradevananda

Ananda Kuvalaya is comprised of 23 héctars of beautiful land that were acquired in 2001. It is located in the countryside with a rich natural environment and with quiet and peaceful surroundings and is reachable by an international highway which is 20 km away.

There is a vast space for recreational activities, a rocky platform and a river flowing through the green field. It is an ideal place to put into practice the objectives of Master Units.

There are three main buildings in the MU, and enough room for 120 people. Organic agriculture, apiculture (pure honey), milk and cheeses are produced here. Regular activities take place during the year, including Yoga Camp, seminars, workshops and retreats.

Acharya Divyashvarupananda is the MU Rector. You can contact him if you are interested to come and join the project. You will be most welcome!

Address: Itamoroty, Valenzuela- Paraguay
Whatsapp: +595-991737247


Ananda Madhaviilatá

New Master Unit in the Philippines

There is a new master unit in the Philippines, thanks to the sincere efforts of Ac. Priyadevananda Avt. Mr. June Chawag (Jagadishvar) and Mrs. Fely Chawag donated 7 Acres (2.8 Hectare) of land for this Master Unit, which is located in San Pascual, Tuba, Benguet, Philippines. A new jagrti (ashram) will be built on the property. On March 4th 2018 a “Laying of the Foundation Stone” program was organized to start the process. This MU is near Baguio City, which is a world famous mountainside academic center and resort.


Ananda Bháratii

Master Unit in Ho Chi Minh,

This master hosts a special plant nursery led by a passionate researcher, Dada Madhuksarananda of South Korea. He is collecting rare species of plants which could help humanity a great deal.



Ananda Girisuta and Ananda Vithika Master Units, USA

The master unit for brothers, Ananda Girisuta, and sisters Women’s Welfare and Development (WWD-F) master unit, Ananda Vithika (Blissful Gardens), are on 150 acres surrounding the college campus for the Neohumanist College. They have developed a Coordinating Council that includes a number of projects. These projects include a 10 acres dairy/creamery, a 25-acre Katuah (Mother Village) Community for those living and working in local projects, Mountain Breeze School, and a Prama Institute and Wellness Center. This Coordinating Council supports an exchange of goods and services as part of small businesses and job opportunities related to the projects. The Mountain Breeze School has a full daily roster of 12 children that involves 25 families utilizing different days of the week. We have a waiting list for the summer sessions. The thrust now is to get the school’s spring garden going.