NERI, New Lebanon Center, USA

Mr. Peter Dodge joined the NERI Inc. Board as its new President. Ms. Ellen Landau who is advising and fund raising for the development of the New Lebanon Center also joins him. A fundraising dinner was held at the home of Rishi and Savi Prashad. Savi and friends of Rishi Prashad gave a generous donation towards the renovations of the New Lebanon Center.



Dada Shambhushivananda made a special trip to Italy to share gurukula programs and the Centennial Initiative of Shrii P. R. Sarkar. Over 50 yoga enthusiasts listened very attentively to the inspiring speeches of Dada about the need to create a new world based on a neohumanist worldview.

Lisbon, Portugal

In March Dada Gunamuktananda was one of the keynote speakers at the Annual International Medical Students (AIMS) conference in Lisbon, Portugal. The other speakers were all medical professionals and 750 medical students from around the world attended. The topic of Dada’s talk was “Who Are You?” It was very well received and afterwards there was a lot of interest, from the participants, to learn meditation.

Hannover, Germany

by Zuzana Choukroun and Heiko Glüsenkamp

Our kindergarten/daycare- center ” Sonnengarten” is running successfully since June 2013 in a nicely renovated place and provides 10 places for children from the age of 18 month – 4 years. With the emphasis on nature pedagogy and child yoga, we offer a holistic pedagogical approach which gives the child the scope to develop fully his or her potentialities and allows him/her to grow up in a loving, spiritual and caring environment. Our daily and weekly routine from 8a m-4pm includes free play, storytelling, morning circle with singing and dancing, inside and outdoor activities, child yoga, kiirtan and meditation, painting, as well as visiting and playing in the nearby forest. We offer fresh vegan meals.



Taipei Programs, By Geeta Li

Family Yoga Program

This family yoga program has been offered weekly with parents, sisters and friends.

The Natural Creation Workshop, by Aruná (Huang Xiangping)

This program was for getter closer to oneself through art using natural materials.

The Mind Painting Workshop, by Karuná (Dr. Guo Shu-ling)

This program was aimed at bringing one closer to oneself through Art.

“YES Yoga Program”, Yoga Education in School

This program by Rocana has been held monthly in various schools in Taipei to demonstrate how to play yoga with children. Another program by Caru has been held weekly to serve students with special needs.

Guqin & Poetry Chant Workshop, by Sudeva (Lin Yue)

This program was about “Art for Service and blessedness”.

Ananda Jyoti MU, Taiwan

Dada Shambhushivananda visited the Gurukula Master Unit, Ananda Jyoti, in Taiwan, north of Taipei. He spoke on the importance of bringing the message and practices of neohumanism to the youth and, pursuant to his visit, a conference on “Empowering Youth for a Neohumanist Society” was planned for July 2018. Several new associates have joined together to initiate a new chapter for Neohumanist Movement in Taiwan.


AMSAI Thaketa, Myanmar

By Dada Divyasundarananda

AMSAI Thaketa is located in the working class area in Yangon suburb. It is a Neohumanist Education preschool. Most of the students are from poor families and the school is providing education for them. For the smooth running of the school and continued support, thanks goes to Vasudeva, Soma and others.

Bangkok, Thailand

A dinner in honor of Dada Shambhushviananda was hosted by Dr Sanjay Kumar of the Indian embassy, to introduce leading businessmen residing in Bangkok. They discussed participation in Yoga Day and Thai-Indian Collaboration in Electrical Storage Applications for India.

Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Commercial Attache of the Indian Embassy in Bangkok is seen here with Dr. Shambhushivananda and Dada Liilananda. They shall be assisting the embassy for the June 17th Yoga Day Celebrations to be held in a grand way in Bangkok, Thailand. Children from the Baan Unrak Children’s Home will also give performances on that occasion.


Rajabhat University, Lampang

Dr. Shambhushivananda was again invited to speak on Mirror Neurons and Executive Functioning at the Rajabhat University. Over 100 students participated in the workshop led by Dada and Prof. Nuntaka Thaweepkul. The students were also introduced to kaoshikii, meditation and Baba Nam Kevalam kiirtan as a way to culture subtle sentiments.

Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City
Yoga Practitioners take a Spiritual Tour of India

by Tran Thuy Ngoc

A group of Yoga Practitioners from Ho Chi Minh City made an educational spiritual tour of India led by Dada Yukteshananda to various places in North India from March 14 -28, 2018. The purpose of the tour was to consolidate what they had learned about Shrii P. R. Sarkar’s life, neohumanist activities (schools, training centers) and to attend spiritual functions in Jamalpur (Shrii P.R. Sarkar’s birthplace). It proved to be very educational and inspiring to visit Shrii P. R. Sarkar’s museum in Kolkata and hear stories about his life. It was also interesting to see real life in India, the Ganga River, and various historic forts and temples. Everyone was so impressed and thankful for this trip.


Dr. Shambhushivananda was the chief guest at the Hanoi celebrations of the 25th anniversary of the Ananda Marga Yoga Movement in Vietnam.

He was received by the reception committee led by Acharya Ramashryananda Avadhuta.

During the grand celebrations participated in by over 350 yoga students , Dada Shambhushivananda gave philosophy classes to advanced students, introduced the neohumanist and gurukul educational system and visited several of the AM Yoga Centres of North Vietnam.

Dada Premamayananda gave a workshop on Infiniti Yoga and Dada Liilananda spoke on “Cosmic Dance (Liila)”. A local TV station also interviewed Dada on the occasion.

Dada Shambhushivananda was also specially invited to inaugurate the Ho Chi Minh Headquarters and a local Master Unit called Ananda Bháratii of the AM Yoga Movement in Vietnam.



The newly constructed spacious headquarters now opens a new chapter for growth of neohumanist activities in Vietnam. AM International Academy of Vietnam will conduct Teachers Training for children’s yoga and Neohumanist Education in the very near future.


West Bengal, India

Dr. Sunandita Bhowmik has completed her thesis on Neohumanistic Education and has gotten a job as an Assistant Professor in the Education Department of Coochbihar Panchanan Barma, West Bengal State University. Due to her efforts, Shrii P. R. Sarkar’s Neohumanism Philosophy has been included in the MA Education syllabus in the chapter of Indian philosophy and additionally Neohumanist Education has been included in the university at the Post Graduate level.


Bihar, India

Ac Raganugananda, Mahasachiv of Ananda Marga Gurukula has been visiting several schools in Bihar and sharing the science of meditation with youths of India.

Chandigarh, India

The NERI Office Room in Chandigarh was partially completed. Dada Shambhushivananda is utilizing the facility.






Dada Shambhushivananda and Dada Satyajiitananda conducted a meditation session at Zirakpur in the premises of Pandeyji in Zirakpur. Dada also spoke to Sanskrit students at Panjab University and initiated Balram Vashistha. Prajina Thakur assisted Dada in reaching out to the youth of Chandigarh.

Dada also participated in the Clean Technologies Conference held at NITTTR, Chandigarh in February, 2018. Neohumanist Ethics was introduced at KJ Somaiya Medical College, Sion, Mumbai, on 21-2-18 by Narendra Raj Purohit.




AMGK president, Ac. Vishvamitra attended a global retreat at Ananda Daksina master unit in Porto Alegre where he gave a workshop on Creating a Cooperative Neohumanist Society: Serving People and Planet. Following this global retreat he visited schools and Ananda Marga projects in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janerio, Ananda Kiirtana and Belo Horizonte.