Dialogue on Psychology, Microvitology and Neohumanistic Ideology, Udaipur, India

By Varika Jain

The Society for Microvita Research and Integrated Medicine (SMRIM), Udaipur, organized a ‘Dialogue on Psychology, Microvitology and Neohumanistic Ideology’ on 7th October, 2018, at Hotel Vishnupriya, Udaipur, preceding International Mental Health Day. The program began with an opening ceremony that included Taponistha singing a Prabhat Samgiit ‘Aaj Egiye Chalo Sakal Maanush Bhai…’.

Society President Dr. S. K. Verma introduced the speakers and welcomed all participants of the dialogue. Dr. Sid Jordan is a clinical psychologist and yoga teacher since 1971 in the USA and Dr. Shambhushivanada is Chancellor of AMGK and Director of the Neohumanistic Research Centre, located in both the Netherlands and Thailand.

Then Society Secretary and program organizer, Dr. Vartika Jain, presented brief details of various benevolent activities of SMRIM carried out during the last ten years since 2008. On this occasion, Dr. Sid Jordan was felicitated with Honorary Fellowship in the Society, and Dr. Chouhan released the 10th Volume of the Society’s official Bulletin BOMRIM. (It may be accessed here: http://microvitamedresearch.com/OfficialBulletin.html)

Keynote speaker of the program Clinical Psychologist Dr. Sid Jordan discussed the topic “Yogic Psychology and Mental Health” and gave information about the effects of various yogasanas on various chakras and glands in producing hormones. He told participants that nowadays problems of addiction are increasing in society, both substance abuse and digital addiction. The result is loss of mental balance and the rise of criminal activities. He emphasized that proper social support is a must to overcome addiction problems. Further, he gave various solutions to keep body and mind healthy on the basis of Bio-psychology and Microvitology.

Special guest speaker Dr. Shambhushivanada described how human civilization is controlled now by technology and will soon be in the grip of artificial intelligence. This extensive involvement with technology has caused various mental diseases like depression, anxiety, and loneliness, all of which can be treated through Neohumanism by having a feeling of ‘Love for All, both animate beings and inanimate things’. He further said that ecological diversity should be increased while economic disparity should be decreased and recommended as the needs of the hour, implementation of Neohumanist Education and of the spirituality-based socio-economic theory PROUT.

The Chief Guest of the program, a well-known psychologist of Udaipur city and former professor and head of the Department of Psychology at Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Prof. Vijaylaxmi Chouhan, gave the formula of 3H = 3H that is balance of Head, Heart and Hands is required for getting Health, Happiness and Harmony. She explained that mental expansion is a must for complete development of humanity, and that mental expansion requires meditation and proper channelization of various glands.

There were more than 80 participants from Udaipur, New Delhi, Kanore, Rajsamand, and Bhilwara who were working in various fields. In the end, queries of various participants were solved by the distinguished speakers of the program and Dr. Verma and Dr. Jain gave thanks to all guests, speakers and participants of the program.