Institute of Complementary Medicine Research Trust and Anandam Kids School

Odisha, India

By Dr. Syamasundar Panigrahi

The Institute of Complementary Medicine and Research Trust (ICMR TRUST) registered under the Indian Trust Act, was established by three friends—a doctor, an engineer and a sociologist, all inspired by the Neohumanist vision of Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar. Its mission is to promote health care through complementary healing systems and to develop a human resource in the field of medicine and health care. The Trust has been providing its services since 2008 in the district of Koraput, one of the most backward and poor districts of Odisha, India. It provides medical, surgical and homoeopathic treatment through its health centre and mobile health unit in different villages, working for integrated development of children, youth, women, and other marginalized people, also helping mainstream people with disabilities, supporting the livelihood and wellbeing of all clients.

Our priority is facilitation of good education and health care for those in need. Establishment of Anandam Kids School at Village Dumuriput, Koraput District,, is an initiative towards providing a high quality education that is within reach of poor and marginalized rural children. We are teaching students through an audio-visual classroom, dance, art and culture, and we plan to provide a smart digital classroom.

The establishment of the VI (Visual Impaired) Girls Children’s Home is another step towards mainstreaming people with disabilities. The totally blind girl Brunda Bhoi is our first visually impaired tribal poor girl. She is reading now in class I and has completed training DLS (Daily Living Skills) and O & M (Orientation and Mobility) as per her need, and is staying in our Bala Ashram. Now we are adopting 10 children for their education development and 3 orphan girls for their overall development by providing free lodging, board, books, dress and uniform, and medical and tuition fees.

Ananda Niketan Charitable Medical Centre, with four clinics in our OPD, is providing free service to poor and deprived people of this locality through complementary healing therapy. The clinics are Acupuncture clinic, Homoeopathic clinic, Yoga & Naturopathic clinic and Pathology Clinic.