AM Yoga Wellness: One-Month Naturopathy Training

February to March 2019, Cebu, Philippines

By Bhavanii of Malaysia

My transformation journey was beyond expression. Hopefully I am able to share it as close as possible through my words.

Although this yoga wellness program was very intensive, the outcome was profoundly felt by me – mentally, physically and spiritually. When I first arrived, I was worried if I would be able to cope and adapt to the program that started at 5:00am and continued until 9:30pm daily. To my surprise, I was able to adapt within 3 days.


The first 10 days, we were served delicious vegetarian food. Morning breakfast consisted of 5 types of seasonal fruits. Afternoon lunch and evening dinner consisted of soup, raw salad, cooked vegetables, all without oil. The first days there was also wholegrain rice, which was then discontinued when we started detoxing. Before every meal a Probiotic fermented-cabbage drink named “Revejulac” was served. After 10 days, we were put on fruit juice fasting lasting for a minimum of 5 days. Later, breakfast consisted only of fruit for the next 3 days, and slowly vegetables, grains, legumes and so on were added.


On a daily basis, we did 4 times kiirtan and meditation, 2 times yoga teachers’ training, valuable naturopathic lectures, cardiovascular exercises, healthy cooking classes, posture correction classes, easy to follow natural healing treatments such as Sun Bath, Mud Pack, Hip Bath, Warm Apple Cider Vinegar Bath, Hydro-Spa, Hot Packs, Steam Bath, Infra-Red Sauna, Colema, etc, evening walks, evening art therapy or video watching. There were also 5 outings and 5 inner dance energy healing therapy sessions which I enjoyed very much.


During detoxification, on a physical level, my sleep was abnormal for the first 10 days. I wasn’t sure if it was due to the strong vibration coming from the center, a sudden diet change or if it was a challenge to my comfort zone by new experiences. Later when I relaxed, I experienced that I only need 5 to 6 hours of sleep on a daily basis (my normal hrs are 7-8). After 5 days of juice fasting, I continued the fast for a total of 15 days as I enjoyed it. Juicing made my body light. Occasionally I experienced healing symptoms of fatigue, dry mouth—I even drank 4 to 5 liters water a day—body aching, headaches and sudden hot flashes or cold attacks. Mentally, I sometimes felt confused. I deeply questioned my life path. With no valid reason, I sometimes experienced feelings of hurt, anger and worry. Sometimes I cried during kiirtan and meditation. Honestly, it was amazing. On a spiritual level, I built up the sort of disciplinary habit I have long needed of daily practice of kiirtan, meditation, and asanas.

By the end of the program, I had lost quite a bit of my excess weight. My digestive system healed. I had suffered indigestion for years due to an improper lifestyle. I felt like I had a complete makeover from top to bottom. I’m not only feeling light and calm but full of joy. I am very thankful to the center’s staff and fellow peers for support, especially the mysterious voice whispering to me once, “Keep it up!”

My friends have noticed the difference this has had on me. Knowingly and unknowingly this program has changed my lifestyle. I am indeed very happy that I was invited to join this program by Dada Dharmavedananda. To me, it’s not only a wellness program, and a training enabling me to help others, but an awakening program. I encourage everyone out there to join this program at least once in your lifetime. You will definitely benefit from it! Namaskar!

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