Youth Camp and NHE Teacher Training, Center for Neohumanist Studies – Bali

Sharing Culture and Love

NHE and Youth Camp, Bali

The Narayan Seva Children’s Home family held an international camp with Balinese and American kids and parents from 1–4 March 2019, with the theme “Sharing Culture and Love”. This camp had a purpose besides sharing culture and love; the kids at the Children’s Home were able to practice English conversation, and showed their talent with their camp partner. Meanwhile, American kids found out about all the activities of the children’s home and shared about their school, their personal experience, and how glad they were to have a lot of new friends from other countries.

This camp is an annual event at Narayan Seva. . We work together with one group from America, called Planet Ranger. On the first day when they arrived, there was a tour around the children’s home. This activity was conducted in groups, with each group guided by several children from Narayan Seva. Besides that, the parents had conversations and discussion with Didi regarding Balinese culture, and about NHE education for youth and children. All who participated in the camp followed the activities in Narayan Seva Children’s Home such as cleaning, yoga, and meditation. Meditation we introduced ourselves especially for the people who participated the camp. Other activities included English class with English conversation, NHE games, Balinese dance, swimming at Air Sanih Spring and a market challenge for the parents. On the last day we held a closing event with a birthday party for everyone who has a birthday in March, as well as a cultural program.

NHE Teacher Training

CNS – Center for Neohumanist Studies, Bali

By Maya Pagandiri

From 20–25 November 2018, CNS Bali successfully conducted training for early childhood teachers from 8 schools in two different cities, in our master unit in Singaraja and in Sidan Jagriti in Gianyar. Ideas were brought to us by Avtk. Ananda Shubhada A’c, Didi Kirti A’c, and Brother Arun. Workshops included:

  • Yoga for children to include big movement, yoga fun, yoga game and story
  • Brain Gym
  • NHE, storytelling, lesson planner
  • Universal Paradigm, an open class for all margiis

As much as the dissemination of knowledge, the aim of the training was inspiration and encouragement of teachers and schools to practically apply their knowledge of NHE in their classrooms.

The training was really well received and generated a good deal of enthusiasm among teachers, school managers and the organizer. Now teachers are connected using whatsapp to share their classroom experiences.

We are all looking forward to next year’s bi-annual training session, in May and November, and more!