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Rajasthan, India

A charitable hospital dedicated to the sacred memory of Shrii P.R. Sarkar was recently inaugurated near Bharatpur, Rajasthan. Here, Dr. Shambhushivananda is seen here with Medical Director, Dr. Sankarshan Pani, Research Scientist, Dr. Uttampati , and Acharya Dharmapremananda, at the site of the 21 acres campus of the proposed Medical College, Hospital and P.R. Sarkar Research Institute for Health and Future Medicine. The out patient clinic with all basic equipment is already functioning now.


Ananda Marga Residential High School to the west of Anandanagar has a current enrollment of 800 students with about 40 students in the boys and girls hostels. Gurukul Public School established recently in Jharkhand near Bokaro also has an enrollment of over 600 students.


Dada Shambhushivananda was the chief guest at the annual day celebration of AM High School in Choupal (Himachal Pradesh, India) held on October 16th, 2019. Prizes were also awarded to the children who showed excellence in different areas. A cultural program was held in the newly renovated facilities of the school campus.


Kulu High School

The campus of the AM High School in Kulu (Himachal Pradesh) has also recently been upgraded. 130 students are enrolled in the institution. Rutger Tamminga (Taiwan) is scheduled to conduct a teachers training workshop in February, 2020.



Ananda Kuranga Master Unit, Brgy – Wakat Nagcarlan Laguna

The Ananda Kuranga MU in the Philippines has a coconut plantation and vegetable garden. The total area is 14.2 Hectors. They have planted 980 coconut trees, 230 Rambutan, 175 Lanzonis, 35 Lamon, 35 Guavano, 22 Mango trees and many more other local fruits trees. They are also growing growing vegetables including Okra, String beans and Pechai. The products support the MU school, called the Neohumanist Education Centre. They are also working to start a vocational center for local youths.



In Thailand Dada Shambhushivananda attended the Global Asia-Pacific Networks conference, ASEAN 2030. Dada gave a workshop on “Meditation, Intuition and Futures”. Futurist and Neohumanist, Sohail Inayatullah gave a keynote address on ASEAN Futures for 2030.

While in Thailand Dada also met with research scientists at Cellenium HQ in Bangkok: Dr Placido Spaziente; Dr. Kanyarat Holasut; Dr Suradit, Dr Piriyathep and Khun Krisada Kampantsanyakorn.

Hanoi , Vietnam

Dada Shambhushivananda paid a third visit to Hanoi and led a spiritual retreat giving some very uplifting and illuminating classes on Prama, the Spiritual Journey, Neohumanism and the Gurukula System of Education. A partnership has been developed now with the local ethnic community (Thai Hai) who were introduced to Neohumanist Education, yoga, kaoshikii, tandava and other spiritual practices.

Seeds of Love – By Trần Thúy Ngọc

We have been sowing the seeds of love with our humble efforts to establish Neohumanist Education here, for a bright future. Signboards and posters were installed at our various Yoga Centers in different districts of Ho Chi Minh City to attract the public to a physically and mentally healthy yogic lifestyle.

Yoga acaryas made regular tours to other provincial yoga centers in Vũng Tàu, Mỹ Tho, Cần Thơ, Hậu Giang, Long Xuyên. Training, fasting and meditation camps were organized. Classes on Ideal Farming were held weekly with practice at our quarters, based on Shrii P. R. Sarkar’s book “Ideal Farming.” Shrii P. R. Sarkar’s discourses and inspirational story books such as “Ashutosh Baba”, “Divine Experiences” were translated into Vietnamese to inspire us. Kids Yoga Teacher Training courses took place not only at Yoga Daily Academy in HCM City but also at the Lily Kids & Yoga Center in Đà Nẳng, as a preparation for the future. Vegetarian cooking classes were organized occasionally to promote a sentient diet. Students then could practice their cooking skills of different vegetarian dishes at various HCM retreats. AMURT Saigon charity services kept going on monthly to address the pain of less fortunate people in various provinces of Bến Tre, Xuân Lộc, Hàm Thuận Bắc, Cái Tắc, Bảo Lộc…

Along with our domestic affairs we are participations in global movements such as those helping to end the Amazon forest fire in Brazil, and support for Narayan Seva Children’s Home in Bali, Indonesia, with donations, visits and invitations to its best students to attend our spiritual lifestyle courses, Kiirtan tours, retreats…

In our work, we bear in mind that the important thing is not only what we do but also how we do it – properly, sincerely, seriously, and of course lovingly.

Bali Cultural Program performed by Aratu and Savitri, two students from Narayan Seva Children’s Home at Tiền Giang Retreat
International Children’s Day June 1, 2019 at Narii Kalyan Yoga House, Vũng Tàu
Fasting Camp, March 30, 2019 at Baba’s Quarter HCM
AMURT Saigon Charity Service for poor pupils at Cái Tắc, Hậu Giang, July 28, 2019
Farming Practice at Didi’s Master Unit, Phước Tân, Biên Hòa

Sadhana, a local Volunteer of AM Association of Yoga Educators (AMAYE), is seen here leading Yoga Day celebrations and introducing meditation to youth in the Hanoi area.




The Neohumanist Centre in Taichung is almost ready for occupancy. An inaugural exhibit is being prepared by Dada Premamayananda titled: “PR Sarkar—the Renaissance Man of the 20th Century”. Gurukul Association in Taiwan will be managing the exhibition space located on the ground floor of the newly constructed Neohumanist Center. The office room for Gurukul Association, and PRSI (P R Sarkar Institute) involved in archival work of Gurukul, will be located on the first floor of the five-story center. There is sufficient space for holding teacher training, yoga classes and other events in this newly constructed space.


Dada Shambhushivananda visited a retreat center established by Yun Lisi in the mountains outside of Hsinchu where training of Gurukula volunteers is being planned.

Dada also spoke at a robotics company SETEC in Hsinchu , Taiwan on Meditation and Neohumanist Consciousness.

Yami Mountains, Taipei

He also visited Neohumanist Center in the Yami Mountains, run by Liao Shufen where Dada led the collective meditation with 25 persons and spoke on Spiritual Equipoise.



In Tainan, Dada met with Dr. Hong-Chu Chen, the President of Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science to explore collaborations between Taiwan and India. Dr. Chih-Hsiang Liao, Dr Ti-Lin Kuo, Dr Li-Lin Kuo and Dr Peter Siao hosted Dada’s visit to Tainan. The University has 14,000 students and is currently engaged in innovative research on smart health care and emotional and physical well being, with a focus on health, compassion, refinement and excellence.




News from Ánanda Náráyańa

New Construction:
We had begun raising the walls of our third house setting up first the laboratory for essential oil distilling and medicine herbs processing.

Ánanda Náráyańa in WWOOFING:
Since last month the project was included as an option for worldwide volunteers to come for a certain period of time engage in the various works and activities that goes on such as gardening, maintenance and constructing homes. There are volunteers signed from 7 different counties from October onwards.

Organic Market:
Continue participating in regular basis at the Organic Market which is organized weekly in Villa General Belgrano. During our stay at the market we share the importance of organic growing and producing as well the development of the project and healthy lifestyle habits.

Solar Water:
Thanks to a submergible water pump run by solar energy water is plentiful since last August. On sunny days we lift 1,000 liters/hour to an altitude of 20 meters and a lineal distance of 150 meters. As a reservoir we had constructed a 27,000 liters tank that stores water which supplies houses, gardens, trees and other needs.

We were blessed to be part of the International Gurukul conference organized in northern Italy, sharing and presenting our project inspiring people to embrace a more natural way of living and the need to focus in MU work.