Lily Kids and Yoga Center, Vietnam

Ecological Outing Trip

A Charming House for Nurturing Children

By Ly Hoang

In Vietnam nowadays education is considered to be a key factor in helping the country develop and catch up with the world. The government is giving more freedom to the private sector with the aim to boost up the system. However, it looks up to the West with the belief that all progressive values of mankind lie there. Every Vietnamese parent living in the cities dreams that their children could go to study abroad in an economy-advanced country one day. Many international schools or local schools with adaptive curriculum have been established to serve that purpose.

Children creating art projects

Children are pushed to study from a young age so that they can realize their parents’ dream. In that situation, Lily Kids & Yoga Center was born to have children experience their childhood happily and beautifully. With a neohumanist approach, children feel and learn many intangible and unique values such as love for other people and species, internal self exploration through quiet time and yoga, and they are encouraged to express their opinion etc. The education in Vietnam traditionally teaches people to bow down, listen and accept. Here children can speak up and say they want to study or what they think and how they feel. Dinosaur lessons or making a robot or an airplane were set up because they wish to do so. We wish to nurture children growing up to know how to think for themselves and think for others, not just to follow the stereotype or bow to the ruling authority. In the center, children learn basic skills such as English and Vietnamese in a fun and interactive way. For math, they learn through math worksheets designed to cater to each child’s ability. We also have an extra-curriculum hour for children to do what they want to do or what we want them to explore. Last summer, we took a trip to a mountain nearby for star gazing at night and another trip to study the ecology of the mountain. We were amazed that after the trips, the children have expanded their horizons about the world, the universe and their feelings towards the animals and plants.

Stargazing trip

In Lily center, we also pay attention to the relationship with parents. Regular communication with parents has been done to co-ordinate nurturing at home and the center. Parents have participated in helping out during the outing trips or extra-curricular activities. Some have joined the asana classes for adults after they see their children study in the center for a while.

The center has officially opened in a new building for 6 months by now. It is located in a new area of Danang City, Vietnam. We have 6 primary and 3 kindergarten children studying 3 times/week. From the experience of children and parents with the center, we hope to slowly show the community another way for all-round development of a child, which will contribute to guide people and society back to the dharmic road.

We welcome volunteers to come anytime to help out. You can teach children English, your culture and any expetise you have. Please write to us at: .