Celebrating our 50th Issue of Gurukula Network

By Ácárya Shambhúshivánanda Avadhúta

We are pleased to offer the 50th issue of Gurukula Network to our active readers and the world at large.

We started with a “Gurukula Bulletin” in 1991 immediately after the founding of Ánanda Márga Gurukula at Anandanagar, India. The small initiative flowered and blossomed into Gurukula Network in January 1996, five years later. It got a boost when the Global Liaison Office was established in Ithaca, NY (USA), under the care of Arete Brim. We are grateful to her for consistently coordinating this publication with the assistance of neohumanist volunteers from all around the world.

All past issues since May 2000 are available digitally through the www.gurukul.edu website for record and reference.

The world will never be the same after the COVID-19 global pandemic, which has affected millions of people and has hit the global economy in a big way. It is time to reflect and initiate the new paradigm of living and social organization that the Neohumanist Movement has been advancing all these years. Now is the time to take it most seriously. Let us build a new world with a global neohumanist vision that will provide greater safety, resilience, prosperity and harmony among all species. Let us see the coronavirus as another signal from the Divine to reflect on our excesses and as an opportunity to change a system that neglects nature, rather than a mere challenge to develop a vaccine to kill this virus only to have another rise after a few years. Let it goad us to explore fresh perspectives for renaissance in all walks of life.

Shrii P.R. Sarkar, the founder of Ananda Marga Gurukula and the inspiration of “Gurukula Network,” gave a clarion call over fifty years ago:

“Human civilization now faces the final moment of a critical juncture. The dawn of a glorious new era is on one side and the worn-out skeleton of the past is on the other. People have to adopt either of these two…. You are the worshippers of Life Divine, and hence I call upon you to adorn this crimson dawn deluged with glorious light.”

May Gurukula Network continue to serve and inspire you all to think for collective welfare and protect the interests of all created beings!