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Towards a Brighter Future

Fragrant Petals from the Life of Beloved Bábá

By Shambhúshivánanda

“Towards a Brighter Future: Fragrant Petals from the Life of Beloved Bábá is a comprehensive depiction of the life of a Renaissance Man of our times. It offers rare glimpses of the person behind a movement for global socio-spiritual transformation.”

Dadaji Shambhushivananda has narrated simple anecdotes from a long joyful association with Sadguru Bábá, his spiritual Master. He unhesitatingly shares His love and blessings with us, so we too may be touched and transformed by that Love-Divine.

The new generation is preparing for a better world: more spiritual, more ecological, more sustainable, more compassionate and cooperative, more dynamic and more selfless. May the life-struggle; visionary teachings and exemplary life of Bábá provide us inspiration, hope, strength and encouragement to keep moving forward for a brighter future for all species on the planet earth.

Published by A.M. Gurukula Publications

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The New Renaissance

By Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar

Shrii P. R. Sarkar founded the Renaissance Universal (RU) organization on January 25, 1958. Volume 1 of “The New Renaissance” contains the presidential speeches delivered by Shrii P. R. Sarkar from the platform of Renaissance Universal between 1958 and 1990. In these groundbreaking discourses, he expounds on diverse topics ranging from the essence of spirituality to the future of human civilization. Volume 2 extends the ideas introduced in Volume 1, and opens many new vistas in human thought.

In this exclusive collection of his RU presidential speeches, Shrii Sarkar does not hide his stances on diverse issues behind the veneer of diplomacy or false adjustment with the status-quo. Through his discourses, he inspired a movement for global renaissance based on spiritual humanism.

Published by Ánanda Márga Publications

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