Issue 51 – January 2021

Neohumanist Solutions for a World in Crisis


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Inside cover

4 – A´nandanagar: An Eco-Community Model for the post-COVID era – By A´c. Shambhúshivánanda Avt.
12 – Ananda Marga Gurukula Celebrates 30th Anniversary

13 – Upcoming Online Conference: Neohumanist Solutions for a World in Crisis, Dec 11-14

14 – Can Covid-19 Help Create a New Renaissance? – By Professor Sohail Inayatullah
16 – Challenges for Youth-Part 2: Inequality – By Dr. Ed McKenna
19 – Transformative Praxis – A yantra for personal and social revolution – By Madhumita O’Brien

Topics in Education

21 – Decolonizing Education – By Kathleen Kesson.
24 – In Contradiction: Can Education Transform? – By Professor Sohail Inayatullah

Neohumanist Projects in Focus

27 – New Day School, USA: Putting NHE principles into practice – By Ruai Rekha Gregory,M.A. and Didi Jayagiita
30 – NHE Director Training – Centro Educação Infantil, (CEI) Sao Paulo, Brazil – By Didi Ananda Jaya
32 – Creating Opportunities from Challenges at the River School, Australia – By Ann Donoghoe
33 – New Songs for Quiet Time from Progressive School of Long Island
34 – NHE Support Groups: A powerful tool for refugee/migrant mothers in Greece – By Didi Ananda Uttama
36 – Nuovo Mondo – Bringing Neohumanist Education to the Italian Alps By Michela Urbani

Topics in Microvita

37 – Local Forms of Consciousness – Substratum of Viruses – By Henk de Weijer
38 – Microvita, Morphogenetic Fields and Consciousness – By Dr. Hans-Joachim Rudolph and Ac. Vimalananda Avt.

Global News

42 – Delhi, Manila, New York, Georgetown, Hong Kong and Nairobi Sectors

43 – Shrii P.R. Sarkar Centenary Celebration
47 – Gurukula Global Contacts

Back cover

Shrii P. R. Sarkar

…Wise people say that in the past there had been so many crises in the human society. Crisis is quite natural for something moving. Where there is movement there is struggle – struggle against the inertia of the earth. In the past there had been crises in the course of movement, crises in different branches of civilization, crises in the realm of education also. But nowadays, the entire human society is facing the crisis of civilization as a whole and particularly crisis in the field of existence. Now, the human society has to decide whether to live or to die.

…You are the pioneers, you are the vanguard of the human society. So it is your duty to save humanity. Those who are unable to shoulder their own baggage, their responsibilities are to be shouldered by you. You should know that the life of spiritual aspirants is a mission – their entire existence is a mission. And your mission is, what? To save humanity from these crises. I hope, you will be successful. I not only hope, I am sure that you will be successful.