Upcoming Online Conference:

The world is faced today with multiple crises leading to widespread economic strain and psychological stress. The pandemic has created havoc; the health of people is at risk; communities face disasters more frequently as climate change poses new threats; xenophobia spreads; gender and racial inequality still pervades; trust in information and science declines; authoritarianism is on the rise; wealth disparities see no sign of ebbing; materialism dominates; moral and cultural degeneration is a serious concern; fear and insecurity abound. The list is endless. This virtual global conference scheduled for December 11-14, 2020 is a conference of hope and conviction so that we can face the challenges and build a loving, caring and nurturing society – where each living being born on the earth can thrive and reach their full potential.


MORE DETAILS: https://nhcollege.gurukul.edu/conference-invitation/

REGISTER: https://nhcollege.gurukul.edu/conference-invitation/registration-instructions/

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