Electronic Edition of the Works of P. R. Sarkar

Electronic Edition of the Works of P. R. Sarkar

The ideal tool for writers, translators, teachers and anyone who wishes to study the philosophy of P.R. Sarkar, Version 9.0 of the Electronic Edition of the Works of P.R. Sarkar is an application that you can download and install on your computer or mobile phone. It includes the latest up-to-the-minute additions to the collection, including recently published books and a few articles that have not yet been published in book form.

Windows, Mac and Android versions are already available. An iPhone version will become available in the near future.

EE9 now contains almost 1500 discourses in 142 books, including the recent titles Yoga Sádhaná, An Outline of Prout, Who Is the Real Guru, and Subháśita Saḿgraha Part 5. A few more books are currently being prepared for inclusion, and will be automatically downloaded into EE9 when they become available.

Another new feature of EE9 is a searchable Sanskrit dictionary. It contains over 140,000 words and uses Roman Samskrta for display and search.

EE9 also contains a new search function capable of word, phrase, wildcard and proximity search. You can also save searches for later quick access to the list of matching results.

You can download a free version of EE9 and see for yourself (the free version contains only the first few words of the various documents and discourses, to show how everything works).