AM Gurukula Headquarters at Anandanagar Campus Update

The round shaped reception centre of the AMGK headquarters is getting nearer to completion. The ground floor of the building houses two VIP guest rooms, an office room, and a meeting room. The first floor will house a digital archives room of PRSI (PR Sarkar Institute) and a semicircular conference hall. The roof will be large and can also be used for gatherings. The water tank capacity within the reception centre building has been expanded to keep 45,000 litres.

The flower beds have been prepared in the entrance area and a beauty spot has been prepared overlooking the sayar (water pond). The herbal plantations include a rare variety of black turmeric and over 30 other herbs.

Two fields of the Cakradhuri campus were prepared for agriculture and we got a good crop of paddy, pulses (tur dal, kurthia variabilis), maize, peanuts and vegetables such as okra, eggplant, cucumber, drumstick etc. Fruit trees planted included banana, chiku, guava, litchis, lemon, bottle gourd, sweet lemon etc. A small nursery has been developed and it supplies flower plant saplings to other units of Anandanagar from Cakradhuri. Two other gardens were prepared within the Cakradhuri campus for flowers and vegetables. Forty varieties of flowers have been planted. Another puppy dog named Bahadur joined Bandhu.
Both are good friends and enjoying each other’s company. A cat is also freely roaming the campus keeping the rats and mice away. A plan for the solarization of the campus has also been prepared.
We still have a long way to go to complete the campus but we hope the first phase will be completed by spring of 2022.