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1. The 5 Steps of Yoga Meditation 2. Ancient Alpine Civilization

The 5 Steps of Yoga Meditation

Spiritual Science in Practice

By Christian Franceschini and Michela Urbani

After several meditation courses for teachers, adults and teenagers I decided together with Michela to prepare a guide book that is simple, rational, practical and deep. We had the grace that Silvio – a professional illustrator – and Julien – an excellent graphic artist – joined us as volunteers. After 3 months of intense work and coordination we were ready to print our book with our cooperative Dharmica Publications.

Dharmica Publications proposes this useful book to meet the needs of the society we are living in. The pandemic and the social problems related to it have catapulted us into a period of uncertainty and confusion, and an increasing number of people have become interested in practices that can lead them to experience a state of well-being in all spheres of their existence. Meditation is a science with very ancient origins that allows us to regain balance in our lives.

What does it mean to meditate?” It is a question that may seem trivial, but in fact it is not uncommon to hear about meditation nowadays. Often we imagine that meditation means sitting with our eyes closed without thinking about anything, but in this way we risk losing sight of the true gift that meditation can offer us. It can be a starting point for a journey to discover our deepest self. It seems easier said than done, doesn’t it?

We extract from the Astaunga Yoga, the 8 steps of Yoga, the 5 practical steps to meditate leaving out the first two on ethics and the last one, the deepest spiritual experience, because they are the result of a longer preparation. So our five aunga or steps are: posture, breathing, withdrawing, concentrating and ideating. Our main focus is on the scientific meditation process of Yoga. Every step has its reason and specific practice to reach higher levels of consciousness and spiritual bliss.

With this book we want to give you a practical and rational guide in five easy, clear steps to help you reap all the benefits that a constant meditative practice can give you in everyday life, and the great thing is that it is all true and affordable for everyone! The intent is to guide you step by step and explain the scientific basis on which this spiritual practice has been based for thousands of years. You will see that, with a little bit of commitment and perseverance, the results will not be long and you will start a great little transformation inside and outside of you!

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Ancient Alpine Civilization

History of the Aryans

Commentary on the Thoughts of Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar
By Avadhutika Anandarama

“Ancient Alpine Civilization” follows the words of the enlightened seer and spiritual master Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar. He sheds light on our ancient past to help correct distortions and illuminates the glory of our common history of humanity. He repeatedly said that history must be re-written in the spirit of neohumanism: human beings as one family on this planet and spiritually connected to the Supreme. This book focuses on the story of the people from the Alps, the Europeans and the Aryans, how they came to be known as the Caucasians and how they chose Iran as their homeland. It shows the intertwining of human clans from West, East, North and South and how they originated the first great Vedic civilization 15,000 years ago.

Shrii PR Sarkar’s words in his books Shabda Chayanika (on philology), History along the Way, and Tantra and the Indo-Aryan Civilization, are getting support from more and more people who courageously challenge the narration of the dominant rule of the last centuries and reveal age-old dogmas, derangements, and distortions of humanity’s beautiful, rich and variegated legacy.

To set things right and to give justice to all past human efforts is a huge task that is necessary so that all people feel comfortable with each other. All need to feel love, respect, and dignity from their fellow members in the big human family without carrying any conceit of superiority, false sense of prestige or imposed disgraceful inferiority. Shrii PR Sarkar struck a resplendent note on this subject.

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