Impressions of Ananda Nagar

Compiled by Didi Ánandaráma

Ananda Nagar is a green city in the making following the directions of its founder Shrii Prabhat Raiṋjan Sarkar. It is the main campus of Ananda Marga Gurukula, located in remote, barren, stony land between Bokaro Steel City and Ranchi. Ananda Nagar is at the centre of the ancient land of Rarh, a remnant of the prehistoric continent Gondwana. Ananda Nagar is surrounded by many small villages of mostly tribal people.

Nature here is pure and the seasons dramatic: “Spring receives its decoration from the abundant blooming of beautiful palash flowers, the queen of all seasons. Much to our delight palash adds colour and beauty to our blessed Ananda Nagar.”  Acarya Sood

“The flaming colours of the palásh forests in the month of Phálgun set their minds into a colourful dance. A fire for self-expression stirred their hearts as well. This was many thousands of years ago,” writes Shrii PR Sarkar of the local people. “Surely, they did practice penance. But what was it for? How did they do it? Who taught them? No one but the Lord of their inner world, the Supreme Master of their life, taught them – ‘Search, search, someone is there – someone is coming – someone will give you what you need to journey forward, and help you properly direct your efforts to reach the goal of life…’”

 “When I visited Ananda Nagar, I could feel the vibrations and could sense the positive energy around. I could see the conscious efforts of many to develop this beautiful place. I am so thankful to be part of this endeavor. We have initiated an activity named “Community projects – developing Ananda Nagar.” We support smaller projects. We have supported six projects till now and have a long way. This journey will be easier if many hands come together. If you are interested to discuss more, please contact me +91 9892479625.” Kartiki Yadav, Mumbai

Fedor a young traveler from Novosibirsk, Russia had this to say, “This place is already perfect!” 

The Faculty of Fine Arts

We invite artists and architects to help design Ananda Nagar in harmony with the beautiful undulating hills, rocks and all-round pristine nature.  Architecture needs to be pleasing, artistic, practical and above all respectfully blended with this ancient land.

“For architecture a perfect mastery of the science of engineering along with knowledge of art is necessary; thus there is a wonderful blending of the crude and subtle arts in architecture.” – P.R. Sarkar

Artists can work with the local artisans, reconnect to the life force of Rarh and help to create meaningful, useful and pleasing improvements for the local people.

Divyendu Anand, an artist and sculptor from Delhi has set his mind to be part of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Gurukula and contribute by teaching and designing Ananda Nagar’s architecture. ( He donated one of his sculptures of “Parvati in Lalita Marmika dance mudra” to the new Women’s College. Some of his pieces are pictured here.

“Yet it is in painting and sculpture, which are considered to be the subtlest of all the arts, that we find the true expression of the wonderful aesthetic quality of the human mind. In the calm stillness of a painting or sculpture, everything has to be vividly expressed – laughter and tears, hopes and fears, gestures and language. Indeed, painting and sculpture beautifully bridge the gap between the mundane and the supramundane…  bringing thought or idea into the world of form is his or her artistic sadhana.” –  Shrii P.R. Sarkar