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The Cosmic Kaleidoscope
An Introduction to
Shrii Shrii Anandamurti’s Science of Mind
by Prabhakar T. Overland

The Cosmic Kaleidoscope tells the story of how an immense imaginative force has arranged perfectly for our coming into the world. Its abiding support ensures that we may complete our long evolutionary journey successfully, to realise our individual and collective potentialities and quench our thirst for limitlessness. The book details how two particular sets of circumstances frame our life experiences. Created beings live by a microcosmic framework, whereas the great creation, our common home, constitutes a far bigger and more comprehensive structure called the Macrocosm. Both macrocosmic and microcosmic evolution move in incremental steps, each step a little different from the preceding. Hence, both frameworks are kaleidoscopic. The book explains in detail the constituents, similarities, and corresponding points of those two kaleidoscopes. In this way, the reader is able to explore Shrii Shrii A’nandamurtijii’s science of mind and the means to realise it.

From the introduction to the book:
“Imagine you are watching patterns falling into each other inside a toy kaleidoscope. After some time, you lower the tube and look around. Now you are experiencing the natural world of sound, touch, form, and colour, smell and taste. This is a greater and more immersive world than the one inside the tube, is it not? Here is some news for you. Even that greater world outside of your little toy, filled by the wonders of nature, is kaleidoscopic. Everything of the creation reproduces itself; sprouts, and grows out of something that is already in existence. A bough of a tree starts to grow and branches off, plants propagate by seed dispersal, animals carefully pass on their genes, one generation of humans turning into the next. The basic rule of evolution is kaleidoscopic: one thing leading to the other in successive resemblance but never the same.
“The kaleidoscopic reality is equally apparent in our mental realities. Both our outer and the inner actions grow out of what we already have experienced and done. Trains of thoughts, memories, and feelings merge into each other and express themselves in our outer and inner existence. Societies, cultures, and history evolve in the same fashion. This truth is universal; we feel we know the people, places and times we live in because they replicate themselves in recognisable ways. Yet, this is the interesting thing about our existential kaleidoscope: nothing is ever quite the same, and in the long run everything changes a lot. If you would have the opportunity to meet your forefathers of, say, a hundred generations ago you would probably think that they and their children had a lot in common, whereas our ways of living, interests, ideas, etc. are very different from theirs. This fact provokes our curiosity about the likely developments of future generations as well …”

Published by Ananda Marga Gurukula
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New Book
By Acarya Dhanjoo Ghista 

This enlightening book traces the diverse contributions of Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiiji and ends with a vision of 21st century university called Ananda Marga Gurukula. The objective of this university to be situated at Anandanagar would be to promote global citizenship, cosmic thinking, research on microvita, yogic treatments and natural remedies, Prout-studies, agricultural research and Neohumanist education. The scope of this educational project spans many disciplines and lays the foundation for a new civilization based on justice, harmony and universal love.

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