Ananda Marga School, Bilaspur, India

This school was started by Ac. Chitprabhananda Avadhuta (Dadaji) in 2006. By that time Dadaji has been a monk in Ananda Marga for ten years. He was newly assigned in this area to serve the local people in some capacity. He saw that there were many children and he thought that the best way to serve the community would be to have a good school. With lots of difficulties at the initial stages, he started the school with thirty students in the village of Dev Nagar Koni. The village of farmers and labourers, is near Bilaspur in the state of Chhattisgarh. Dada had to motivate and educate the community about the importance of good education in our life. Slowly the community started to help and the number of children increased. He even gave the name of the street where the school was located, “Dadhichipara” which means “Those who give their all to serve others”.

Now 270 children attend the school from Nursery to Class 10 and there is a staff of 15 teachers. The school is fully computerized and various elements of Neohumanist Education, including English, are taught. The students attend state level competitions in various subjects and excel in their performances.

Contributors to the development of the school are Shrii Sailesh Shukla, Shrii Ghanshyam Shukla, Shriii Kamal Bajaj, Shrii Digambar Bhoy (chairman), Shrii Narayan Nayak (principal) and many others.

Future aims: To expand the school infrastructure to serve more, up to 500 students, and to open more schools in other areas where there is a need for good education. Any support towards these goals is welcome and very much appreciated.

Visitors and volunteers are welcome and may contact Dadaji.
Contact number: +91 8770257102